DM looking for more AD&D, D&D players in Upstate New York, Tri-State Area

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I'm a veteran 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D DM/player currently running my own D&D 4.0 Campaign. Our group is looking for more gamers interested playing any classic or new AD&D/D&D game or a hybrid mix. We play weekends mostly, subject to change with the seasons. Drop a message here if interested, hope to hear from you furbolgs soon!

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Hello, I am looking for people to play with also.  I moved from Florida in 2007 and had a regular gaming group there.  I have not found anyone in the area that plays.  I last played D&D 3.5, but I am sure I can get up to speed really quick.  I live 1 hour north of NYC.  let me know what you think.
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