Bravura Warlord Wants to Charge. Options?

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So, I was planning to roll a Cleric for my friends game coming up this Weekend (they needed a Leader), but it turns out they lacked a sufficient source of melee threat. To that end, I have decided to switch out for Warlord. Reviewing my options, I was really interested in the feel and flavor of the Bravura Warlord... leading from the front, taking the fight to enemy.

For this reason, how do I make the most out of Charging? Rush in and start swinging while I lead the troops, all that good stuff. As a Warlord; how do I capitalize on this?

I know there are a few Warlord-specific feats (Impetuous Charge, Rousing Charge) to help charging, as well as some general feats (Powerful Charge). I also am aware of a few Barbarian-specific feats (Reckless Charge, Overpowering Charge) that aid charging, and fit the flavor of the character.

How many feats are too-many Charge-related feats? I want the character to excel at it, but not be shoehorned into it. I'll post the rough outline of the build I have so far (as well as some projected feats I planned to take from 1-30) and maybe you guys could give me a couple pointers for what to switch out and possibly change to mkae this character better at roughing enemies up?

Thanks in advance, guys.
If the party lacks a melee thread, why warlord to begin with ?

Does the team need any healing, and would they not be better off with a straight up charger?

Regarding the build, I only gave it a quick look, but Warlords have quite a few riders based on Int, might want to consider boosting that.
Virtually the only time I can see picking up Battlefront Leader is if the party already has another Warlord with Combat Leader.  Initiative is so important I can't see not taking Combat Leader and then Combat Commander (preferably at 11 along with Fight on).

I do agree that Bravura is likely not the best if you don't have other good basic attackers.  I would consider maybe a tactical build and buffing Int.  Genasi would be the best race for this, but others work too.  Another option is going Resourceful and being more balanced.  Then you can take Infernal Strategist and gain 2 prescences.

The good news is that the Warlord has a lot of good powers and can be tweaked to work well in different groups.

If you are going with the Warlord for your parties MBA power house, dont pick him. My current Bravo Lord build, though not OPT'd, is fun but often falls near dead 75%+ of the time. He is fun though. My party also has 2 strikers so I am not relying on my character for damage. The great Direct the Strike has fell many a creature when my strikers are pumped.

For charging, the ever fun Flattening Charge is a good encounter power. I prefered powers rather than the feats due to needing the feats to empower the character, Scale Armor, Dragon Mark of Passage to shift 2 for a charge against a adjacent target... if you took a charging type race maybe you could use your feats for charging.

Longspear/Greatspear is a plus due to reach for your charges. A must have for items is Badge of the Berserker, you draw no attack of opportunities on your charge. In combo with mark of passage, the shift two and then charge is no OA against you. Also, Vanguard Weapon and Horned Helm will help your charge damage.

Im looking forward to Dangerous Leader. Iron Dragon Charge looks interesting.