D&D Next Forum Guide (Read Before Posting)

Welcome to the D&D Community!

In order for everyone to have as positive an experience discussing the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons as possible, please keep in mind a few guidelines.

1. Take the time to read the Code of Conduct.

2. Stay positive, respectful, and civil.

3. Remember opinions are subjective and personal preferences can't be proven wrong or right.

4. Try to avoid edition wars.

5. Have fun!

All around helpful simian

What follows is a more in depth guide to posting in the Future Releases forum.

The announcement of a new iteration of Dungeons & Dragons has brought all of us here together to discuss our favorite game.  We all come from different backgrounds, have different playstyles, and have different favorite editions.

It is important to remember that we all enjoy D&D differently and that there is no one "right" way to play the game.  We all have our own tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes.

With that in mind, try to keep the following in mind when posting.

1. You can disagree and discuss your disagreement without attacking the individual you disagree with.  Personal attacks are against the Code of Conduct.

2. Try to be inclusive, rather than exclusive.  What that means is that, although you may not like certain parts of an edition, setting, or rules system, that doesn't mean it should be excluded for everyone.  There are lots of folks who like what you don't like.  We should all strive to be as inclusive as possible, even if that means ignoring some aspect of the game we don't like so that others can enjoy it.

3. Be aware that certain topics are "hot button" issues and are more likely to erupt in flame wars.  Folks are simply more passionate about certain topics so go into such threads with a bit more sensitivity and awareness.  These topics include alignment, in-game religion, realism, "save or die" effects, and MMOs.

4. Speaking of MMOs, certain comparisons and criticisms have become little more than trolling at this point.  Comparing 4th edition to MMOs has become a sure fire way to stir the pot and really isn't constructive.  Similarly, the common 3rd edition criticism summed up by "wizards rule; fighters drool" is also not constructive.  Please try to avoid these.

5. Tearing down an edition you don't prefer and those who do prefer it isn't necessary.  Remember, whether you play OD&D, BECMI, AD&D 1st Edition, AD&D 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 3.5, or 4th Edition, they all have one thing in common: they are ALL Dungeons & Dragons.  You can voice your personal dislike for an edition without attacking those who do like it.  In a similar vein, it isn't necessary to jump to the defense of your preferred edition just because someone voices a personal dislike of it.  Opinions and preferences are personal and can't be proven wrong or right.

6. Finally, try to stay positive.  If a thread is asking for positive feedback about something, try not to throw in a backhanded negative criticism.  For example, if a thread asks what you like about a certain class, don't phrase it as "I like this aspect, but the way they implemented it was crap."  

One last thing: Thank you all for coming to this forum and sharing your opinions, viewpoints, and feedback about Dungeons & Dragons.  

All around helpful simian

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