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For a while I have been looking for AH_Anarchy style cards for the homebrew origins and come up with nothing. So me and my brothers have been working on these for about two weeks, and I think they are good enough.
Thank you AH_Anarchy for your templates, they made the process a lot smoother.

Note: I removed Demonic, Sauran, and Vampire because they were already present in published material. This is my complete PDF with 58 homebrew origins.

Hi there! Any chance you could post a more lightweight version of these origins?
These are truely amazing!!!
Thank You for all the time and effort!! Laughing
@Atombomb: Thank you. There are probably a few typos here and there, I copied from the Gamma World community origins PDF on these forums. I didn't have the time to spell check everything. But I think they will work well enough.

@Cazra: I don't know about a lightweight version. The resolution is necessary for the text to show properly... there are just a lot of cards. Sorry if the file is too big.

Does anybody still have a copy of this PDF?

I lost it a while back and cannot seem to recover it....

If someone remembers please chime in to give credit. I don't remember who made these.

Original Box Set

Famine in Far-Go

Legion of Gold

Different style sans LoG



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Oops, I didn't read the OP very carefully.

I did find anarchy's cards here.

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