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looks pretty nasty.  If your local players are competitive enough to deal with your oppression without hating you lol then i say it looks good
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Yes, my local meta is über competative. And extremely diverse. When I first started playing here with a friends deck, I decided to build a deck fed off of the power and diversity.
You've got Brine Elemental, but where's the Vesuvan Shapeshifter?

Mind Over Matter is nice with Arcanis the Omnipotent.

With all of the "Take extra turn" and "Draw X cards" effects, I think that Twincast and/or Echo Mage would do well.

Be careful with Memnarch.  The only time I play him is when I Acquire/Bribery/Thada Adel, Acquisitor him from someone's deck.
You've got Brine Elemental, but where's the Vesuvan Shapeshifter?

Mind Over Matter is nice with Arcanis the Omnipotent.

With all of the "Take extra turn" and "Draw X cards" effects, I think that Twincast and/or Echo Mage would do well.

Be careful with Memnarch.  The only time I play him is when I Acquire/Bribery/Thada Adel, Acquisitor him from someone's deck.

good catch on the Vesuvan Shapeshifter, he is in the deck, i even mentioned the pickles lock in the beginning of the post, hahaha!

I do have twincast. I tested echo mage. I replaced him with Misheivous Quanar because i can copy spells the turn i play quanar, not echo mage.

As for menmnarch, i run counters, bounce and enough clones to handle him since he is legendary. He hasn't been an issue. Bribery/acquire is why i dont run blightsteel lol.

And mind over matter has always been win-more in this list. I never really needed it.
Your list is extremely solid, but I do see some areas where you could improve it a bit.  I feel like you should try to fit Hinder and Cryptic Command into your counterspell suite.  Hinder is like a second spell crumple, if you would want one, you should also want the other for redundency, and Cryptic is versitile enough that it's definately worth including, even if a lot of the time it will just be Dismiss.  I'd also consider swapping Pithing Needle for Nevinyrral's Disk as a solid sweeper.  

As for your land base, I can think of a few cards that might help you.  Vesuva is basically a copy of whatever land on the board that you need, Mystifying Maze and Maze of Ith make it hard for your opponents to attack you.  I'd also consider adding they cycling lands (Lonely Sandbar and the other one, I can't remember what its called), as coming into play tapped isn't the worst drawback in the world, and having the option to turn the land you topdeck in the lategame into a real card is usually worth it.  I also like Tectonic Edge, Wasteland, and Stripmine if you can afford them, since lands are a real factor in EDH and answering an opponents Cabal Coffers or Maze can be extremely important.  Also, I'm not sure why you are running the artifact land.  Mass artifact removal is common enough that it can and will be hit, and the only real reason I can see in your list to include it is to give you an extra Trinket Mage target (also, you could actually probably cut Trinket even if you don't cut Pithing Needle since you only have 4 targets, none of which are that good).  

Also, Brittle Effigy for exiling spot removal.   
The land base is the one thing i am constantly tinkering with. Seat of the synod is coming out, probably for mystifying maze. As for the LD lands, I rarely worry about my opponent's lands. They just don't do that much to me and in multiplayer, others seem to do this for me, lol.. And I want to keep my amount of basics up for extraplanar and gauntlet. The cycle lands have been tested as well, and they were, well...meh. Without karoos and the like, they arent all that great, no good enough to warrant them CIPT.

As for trinket mage, how can you say that the top and sol ring are'nt that good?!?  And pithing needle helps a lot, silver bullet. and if you are suggesting brittle effigy, than why would i take out the trinket mage?

 I have tested the disk and found i have enough mass removal on my own and it CIPT ability is just awful, i find it destroyed before i can ever use it.

As for the counters, cryptic is and has been considered, i just dont know what to take out for it. Maybe Stifle....thoughts?

I am conisdering using Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir in place of Wurmcoil Engine. I rarely if ever tutor for wurmcoil, and I can't remember the last time his life gain was relevent.
@Regal: I tested taking trinket mage out, including pithing needle. True that the needle is narrow, though it may make it to the sb here, if i ever make one that is, lol. Cryptic is solid, so versitile, and I love having the extra bounce spell in the arsenal. I still feel, after additional testing, that echo mage is too slow. He just never seems to work out. At least with the lighthouse, i only need to protect him for 1 turn to get the benefit. Early he is too mana intensive, late and he is too slow.

Had a Commander tournament, 8-man free for all. I started of with going t1 land, t2 land, t3 land, High Tide, Turnabout, Caged Sun...turn 3!!! Turn 4 I play a land and Stroke of Genius eot, draw 5, turn 5 Palinchron with a Pact of Negation to protect from an opponant's Rewind, I produce absurd mana, cast Blue Sun's Zenith, x=100, and morphed Mischievous Quanar 6 times for the win! And people were worried about finishing for the pre-release, hahaha!

Now i am just wondering if I should (and I really want to find room) for Spelljack. I love this card, and it can certainly turn the tides in a game. I just don't know what to take out for it. Any thoughts?

I'm not suggesting that you have mana problems. On the contrary I think your deck is pretty well polished. The only cards I would look into adding are Solemn Simulacrum and all the Island associated fetchlands. Deck thinning can do wonderful things.

I had solemn in the list for a long time. he just wasn't working well. Slow. And I don't want to thin out the land, I never want to miss a land drop
After testing, Desertion fell behind Spelljack. This is by far my favorite edh deck i have seen. I may be biased, though.

I need help on what I should choose to take out for Scroll Rack. I have no idea why I haven't thought of this before...
So it was brought to my attention that Counterbalance with scroll rack (and sensei's top) are amazing. Thinking of cutting disrupting shoal for it. Thoughts?
Updated. This deck had become a monster. Fine tuned it, took out trinket mage for fabricate, added echo mage again for more redundancy, took out jin-gitaxias because he always seemed to be awkward and whenever I cast him, its always win-more. Added fetches and soothsaying for more shuffle effects and redundancy.  added reliquary tower because it should be in here, lol. tested counterbalance, it is far too inconsistant to run r in this deck. added mana vault and mana crypt because consistant turn 2 planeswalkers are good i hear.
after extensive playtesting, i think i am finally content. I consistantly start timewalking people by turn 4, and my general makes me very resistant to early aggro as i always have access to one of their fatties, which usually includes some additional effects. Turn 2 planeswalkers are simply broken, and though I have yet to have the god hand, i can cast karn turn 1, which in 1v1 means game. Anyway, I am still working on the sb, i guess i just have to see how the meta evolves.
I have a strange question, perhaps, though in my mind it makes some sense: Why do you have the pain-search lands in here if you can only find Islands with them? Why not just have islands instead, or if you want to just thin out your deck, put in a blue card with a cantrip attached or something? What am I missing here that makes it worth paying one life for an Island since you aren't color-fixing in a mono-blue deck?

It looks great otherwise. Except for being short a few cards, I think I'll try out something very similar for my group's next gathering.
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Instant speed shuffle effects.
Exactly as ironwood said. Being able to shuffle for "free" is a great help. Like when I use scroll rack, I can pitch some cards I dont want at the moment by using a fetch. Same for anything else that stacks my deck. The thinning isn't really that substantial.
Added Mirari to the deck for redundancy. Played at a local 1v1 tournament this weekend, went 4-0 (8-0) against r1 kresh aggro, r2 niv-mizzet combo, r3 sharuum combo (game 2 he had played Pact of Negation and forgot to pay on his upkeep), and r4 was another sharuum deck, though this one was more control oriented.

Plays of the day include t1 sol rng into divining top, turn 2 venser on a land, turn 3 sakashima on venser, turn 5 capsize with byback....left him with no more than 2 lands the entire game. 2nd best would be t1 mana vault into t2 tezzeret, -0 to tutor the seat of the synod, turn 3 twincast a time warp, next turn mind spring for around 8, then i play palinchron and stroke of genius for the game. my opponent took 2 turns...

I just generate too much tempo, on average i take 50% more turns than my opponent, including turnabout and mindlsaver abilities.
Played another tourny yesterday, and i went 4-0 (8-0).

R1 I face a Sliver Overlord deck, though this guy was a noob. Easy victory. R2 Was Niv-Mizzett, and g1 i had a t1 extraplanar, t2 jace, t3 tezz...i win, and g2 he was mana screwed. R3 was Khemba, Kha Regent, which was an easy victory when both games started with t2 mana vapors, into more and more land disruption, like exhaustion, snapcaster, mnemonic wall, and brine elemental. R4 was Azami, and t2 Thada both games is really good. So far this deck, in tournament play, is 13-0 (26-0).
thinking of adding Candelabra of Tawnos to the list, probably replacing Soothsaying. Thoughts?
Still unbeaten. Had my first game loss to uril, he had an amazing curve and I kept questionably. Absolutely love the deck.
Still unbeaten. Had my first game loss to uril, he had an amazing curve and I kept questionably. Absolutely love the deck.
Still unbeaten. Had my first game loss to uril, he had an amazing curve and I kept questionably. Absolutely love the deck.
Still unbeaten. Had my first game loss to uril, he had an amazing curve and I kept questionably. Absolutely love the deck.
Added Magus of the future and future sight. With the top and fetches, they are simply broken.
Been trying to build a similar deck! Would love an update. How have you been doing? How's multiplayer? Any recent changes? Any combos I should be aware of?
The list i have is the updated version. I have been testing Tamiyo, the Moon Sage and she is sick.
Comboes to look for in my list:
Brine Elemental+Vesuvan Shapeshifter= no untap steps for opponents
Palinchron+High Tide, Caged Sun, Extraplanar Lens, or Gauntlet of Power= infinite mana
add Memnarch, Capsize, Mind Spring, Blue Sun's Zenith, Braingeyeser, or Stroke of Genius for instant win
Mnemonich Wall+ Time Warp, Capture of Jingzhou, Temporal Manipulation, Walk the Aeons or Time Stretch + Sakashima, the Impostor or Rite of Replication (kicked)= infinite turns
Mind Slaver + Academy Ruins = Infintie mindslave in 1v1
Mindslaver + Academy Runs + Lighthouse Chronologist = Infintie Turns in Multiplayer

Multiplayer and 1v1, you have the same gameplan. 1v1 is better because you get cards like Time Stop, Mana Vapors, Mana Short, and Exhaustion, all are functionally time warps. But in 1v1, you get the benefit of other players answering threats. I just sit back and build up. Also, since my commander is a clone, multiplayer gives me access to more things. Just dont forget politics in multiplayer. You will kill everyone at the same time, so just be sure to buddy up, keep the peace, or try and be switzerland, whatever it takes for you to win. Most the time, though, it doesn't matter for the most part. This deck is rediculously resiliant. Last week, i came back from 2 Ionas on blue to win in a 5-man pod.

took out brine elemental and voidmage husher. Never really relevent. Added Temple of the False God and Sapphire Medallion. Been getting a bit of mana screw here and there, these should help.
Some more tweeks. Added Oblivion stone to the main again, lol. Its just too handy to tutor for. Also added Solemn Simulacrum and took out time stop since i am playing for multiplayer so its not that great and dance of many. I have put tamiyo in the current list, though right now i have the dance of many in its slot.
Added Archaeomancer from M13. So stoked for a common, haha!
Just wanted to satisfy my curiosity but why Sapphire Medallion over Mind Stone? It has a similar effect in that it can make future spells cheaper while giving another card once your mana base stabilizes. 
because you can tap the mind stone once and net , where as the medalion saves me for every blue spell i cast that turn, essentially. Being able to cast Phantasmal image to copy a cheated in fatty and having left to counter on turn 3 is nice. Capsize with buyback costs 5 now, making it much more possible to cast it multiple times a turn. And so on...
Updated. Added Mind over matter and savor the moment, removing phantasmal image and vesuvan shapeshifter. Continuing to streamline the oppression...
another quick update, removed personal tutor in favor of sunder.
took out Savor the Moment in favor of some gy hate in Tormod's Crypt. also removed Temple of the false god for another snow island.
trying out dust bowl. I rarely use scrying sheets, and i have noticed i have no permenant land destruction, so i think i will try this since it is reuseable and i can tutor for it.
Might I suggest Patron of the Moon and Soratami Savant.


I like the patron, but I doubt I would use here enough to warrant including her. I will keep her in mind, though. Thanks!
What I noticed when playing blue is that I tended to draw a lot of cards and then I'd end up having a hand with 6-8 land and 7-8 other cards. With the patron you can pay [4] and drop all those lands into play.


The only time I had this issue is after casting sunder. Which is situational and a one of.
Still following this thread and your deck! Interested to know if you're trying anything out from Return to Ravnica. Cyclonic Rift?
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