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This is probably a simple question, but when a planeswalker summons a creature (like when Nissa summons elves, Garruk summons Baloths, etc.), are they creating them out of nothing, or are they "teleporting" existing creatures from somewhere to them?

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"Creating them out of nothing" (aka AEthercopies) is the main method of summoning
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"Creating them out of nothing" (aka AEthercopies) is the main method of summoning

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It depends, there are dozens of ways to create a creature.
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It's unclear.  Summoning = teleportation seems to be the modus under some writers, but the best explained version we've heard is that knowledge of the summon is used as a template to form the thing itself out of the AEther.  Hence why you can have one copy of a legend on the field and another in the GY, or summon a legend who is thousands of years dead like Tobias Andrion.  The spell cares about uniqueness, but not reality.

We generally like assuming Aether Duplicates unless otherwise noted, partly because it causes fewer headaches with legends (though one could argue for more with illusions) and partly because the moral issues become significantly less sticky.

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Whats up with the link? I mean it was nice to watch and all but...??

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