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Recently, whenever I click on a direct link to a thread (such as one in the Recent Topics sidebar) the background theme changes. Since this change renders the thread in question all but unreadable to me, I find it exceedingly annoying, off-putting and completely unwanted.

As I can access the same threads the slow way round by going to the forum and opening the thread there without the theme changing, I have to believe that it is to do with the link and the forum set up, not with the threads themselves.

Is there any way to prevent the theme change, or should I just forget about coming here and trying to cope?
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I have had the same problem.
I have only had this problem when clicking on a link to a threa din the D&D Next *Future Releases) forum.  I suspect it may be that the D&D Next Group has a different theme set up that trumos a user's individual preference.
Yup.  I noticed it with the group as well.  I just go to the forum to avoid it.  Unfortunately, I also can't use the 'refresh' linky thingy when new posts appear in a thread after I've left it sit for a while cuz that takes me to the group, too.
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I poked Michelle to let her know about the issue. She may pop in to talk to you guys or get more info - but if she doesn't, know that she's on it.

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