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Field report for D&D Encounters: Beyond the Crystal Cave (Week 9) now available at Dungeon's Check out our D&D Encounters Archive for weekly write-ups, actual play podcasts and new pre-generated characters.

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6 players at my table.  A Dwarven Knight (Bob), Dwarven Fighter (Fargrim), Elven Rogue (Shifty), Minotaur Fighter (Zigbar), Human Wizard (Gui), and a Shardmind Cleric (Ubashu).

On their way back to Ragnar's camp they came across a meeting between Ragnar and Uma's forces.  Ragnar demanded to know what had transpired.  The PCs explained that they had found Orlando and stopped Basal from killing him.  Ragnar and Uma began arguing at that point about who is best suited to look after Orlando.  The PCs stepped in suggesting Sir Oakstaff should take Orlando back to the Water Palace.

As the bickering continued Orlando (speaking as Porpherio) spoke up.  He told those gathered that their souls had also been mixed with Soryth and Kalbons.  If they planned on returning Orlando and Julianna to their original states they would have to vanquish the evil duo.  Porpherio also explained that the island's magic prevented souls from heading to the Shadowfell.  If Basal had succeeded in killing Orlando Porpherio's soul would have returned to the tomb and fallen in Soryth's hands.

Realizing his brashness Ragnar offered a truce with Uma.  Uma agreed and a war council was held.  A curse prevented the fey from entering the palace so it was decided that the PCs would infiltrate the Palace of Spires.  Once inside they will face Soryth and Kalbon.  When the curse has been dropped the fey army will rush in and take care of stragglers.  For their efforts the PCs would each receive a wish from the Fountain All Heal without it's normal drawback.

A humbled Basal offered them some new magic gear to help prepare them for the assault on Soryth.

The PCs headed out immediately with what little light they had.  Led by Robin the Satyr they arrived at the edge of a bramble maze.  Robin told them stories of the bramble maze and suggested they rest before they enter it's tricky and often dangerous passages.

The PCs set up camp.  Zigbar and Fargrim took first watch.  The very perceptive Minotaur noticed the Xivorts, denying them a surprise round.  The hooded Xivort began weaving a spell causing Zigbar's shadow to rise and try and strangle him!  A quick dodge by the minotaur (shadowcaller missed) exposed the foul shadow to the blinding light of a sun rod destroying it.

The rest of they party scrambled out of their tents after hearing the sounds of battle.  The party set up a defensive position.  A Xivort Slasher took the opportunity to knock the lined up pins with his log.  Apparently all of the party is trained in Donkey Kong because they easily hopped over the rolling log.

Once the whole party engaged the enemy the fight was over in a few rounds.  Most notably at the end one log remained at the top of the hill.  Shifty the Thief had ran up the hill to engage a couple of the Xivorts.  A Darter mad that he couldn't hit the fast Elf bull rushed him on to the log (a little rule fudging).  The rest of the PCs ran up the hill to help their comrade. 

One lonely Slayer remained.  Figuring he had nothing to lose at this point he charged the log jumping on and bear hugging the Thief causing the log to begin rolling down the hill.  The PCs in the way once again Donkey Konged out of the way.  The Thief managed to effortlessly roll off the log without taking any damage (log missed attack).  The log apparently held a grudge against the Xivorts for cutting it down because it crit the Xivort.  As the Xivort was flattened by the log a blue gooey streak was left on the hill.

After the brief diversion the PCs rested for the night without any further interruption.

I decided to leave the number of monster alone this week.  My players were actually expecting a second wave to show up because it was that easy for them.  I figured there was no reason to drag the encounter on and let them have a super easy fight.  I did modify the logs however.  I made 3 1x2 logs instead of the 2 1x3 logs and allowed them to roll into the middle of the map.  Everyone got a kick out of the last Xivort's suicide run.

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I had 6 players at FCB Comics & Games.

The returning players:
Andrew, playing Kaine Hidalgo, human knight.
José, playing Kiera, human thief
Lukas, playing Merric, halfling thief
Kaliv, playing Belgos, drow hunter

and two new players:
Matt, playing Berrian, eladrin mage
Justin, playing Fargrim, dwarf slayer

I went over the past events with Matt and Justin, so that they were prepared. Matt had played D&D before, but just not here, and this was Justin's first time, as he had just become interested in the game!

I used the following minis for the game: For the Slashers - Goblin Cutter minis from the Legend of Drizzt boardgame, with clothes painted similar to their DDM counterparts, but with blue skin and orange eyes. For the Darters - Goblin Picadors. For the Net Casters - Dark Creepers. For the Shadow Caller - Blue.

The group returned to Ragnar, finding the fey all gathered by the toadstool ring and stream. Although I did contemplate handing out a few script to the players, I just ended up acting out the various parts myself, although for Orlando, I just summaried what they learned from him.

The fight was great fun for everyone. Belgos and Kiera were on watch when the Xivorts arrived. I gave the PCs a first-go while the Xivorts decided what to do (and also to get more of them out of the tents, so that the Xivorts could roll the logs down on them!). A few of them were able to stand up and charge to get right up on the attackers, and others even used their action points to get to them!

Belgos charged up and attacked one of the slashers with his sword before it could roll its log down. Kaine charged up and finished it off.

One Xivort managed to roll a log, which hit the dwarf, but he just flexed every muscle in his body simultaneously (acted out by me) and the log bounced off him (he made his saving throw vs being knocked prone, heh).

Berrian zapped the Net Casters with a shock sphere, then used his other powers to push the little pests around, into the range of the melee fighters.

Merric and Fargrim paired up to take out one Slasher, then a Net Caster, and lastly a Darter.

Kaine was attacked by a darter, and then he bloodied the little guy and managed to intimidate him into running away! They could still hear his screams of terror getting further away for the rest of the fight!

Kiera charged a Slasher, and managed to take him out in one hit! She then went after the Shadow Caller, but was stymied by a Darter dazing her, and the Caller immobolizing her. She managed to get off a dagger throw, and then Kaine and Belgos finished him off.

They all settled back down to sleep after that, and they'll be ready to tackle the Hedge Maze in the morning!!
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