What I want...

Firstly, I want them make a DnD that will play great. For the record, I like 4e, and am not bashing it.

What I think they should do is create the system base,  as they have for 4e, populate the databases and create an API for the community. Everything online! With books printed on demand.

They can resict the access to info to DDI subscribers  the same way they do now. 

I would like them to make the cb, at, compendium, and VTT for the web, but use more open and standards compliant methods. This way, people can use them on tablets, if needed, without jumping through hoops. This also allows people, via the API, to make the apps people would need to access the stuff more elegantly on specific devices. 

This alleviates the need for them to make everything, and concentrate on a few things, not worrying about how to satisfy iPad, android,windows tabs, and the phone equivalents. People will make applications to do it. 

Forget about the pirates! They will be there no matter what, and we know that they have all the books and magazines in PDF form now. It's time to give your paying customers everything they need and deserve!

Dont get me wrong, I like the current offerings, but I would rather have more stuff, tiles and tokens and such, in the VTT. I would also lile the cb and at to not be in silver light, but that's the anti pirate solution attempt, IMO. 

Can they satisfy everyone? No. That's life. However, I think they can worry less about the people who will steal the stuff, and concentrate on the ones that will pay to play.

In short, you want to see a sweet ass character builder on the iPad, let me have API access to the DDI content. The data will flow!

/my opinion. It matters, right? Right?