Syphon-Mage and Teneb

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say I have both Urborg Syphon-Mage, and Teneb, the Harvester in play and no creatures in my graveyard but mana to activate both abilities. When Teneb hits a player would it be possible to respond to it with the syphon-mage and bring the creature i pitch back with teneb or should I use it before hand, since there may not be a legal target when it triggers?
You have to choose teneb's target when teneb's ability is placed on the stack. That means that the creature card needs to be in the graveayrd before then.
No. The creature card must be in the graveyard when Teneb, the Harvester's ability triggers, because a target must be chosen for it when it's put on the stack. You can, however, use Urborg Syphon-Mage's ability during the Declare Blockers step, which is just before the Combat Damage Step.
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Figured as much. I appreciate it. =)