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So, my mother found a gorgeous Magic: The Gathering promotional poster at an auction, and bought it. It's dated '94, and signed by "Tedin" and "Anson." Tedin had a website featuring most of his work, but the poster was nowhere I could find, and Anson didn't have anything besides a phone number, so I can't dig up much on that end. It looks to be from around Fallen Empires, if I had to go by date and a rough style guess. I was hoping maybe someone could tell me some story behind it. I do have a few pictures of the poster linked below. Apologies on somewhat poor quality, but I think you make out everything just fine.
I found a better shot of your poster:


As far as I know, it was a collaboration/mash of Mark Tedin and Anson Maddocks, which are among the first M:tG artists. I have no info of the poster, but I know the original piece was in Anson's hands until recently.

The poster is very, very old. Try to get it signed. 
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