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Gamma terra has no lack of super powered AI's with grand plans for thier mutated corners of the world. the two expansion books both present mad AI's as villan's, but what of other types of accelerated intellegences might be crawling/flying/walking/slithering around?
the first few that come to mind are rather simple. A swarm of insects operating as a single distributed intellegence(samples for this kinda thing are in the books),A gigantic plant or tree using either a forest or a large biodome of plants as organic processcers and memory banks.  

But like I said those are pretty simple and are basicly the same concept twice. so I call on the great well of ideas that is the internet to help me come up with a few more, with a tentive promise to give a little back in the form of stat blocks for these creatures

so what say ye? 
What about rolling up a PC, giving it a Secret society, a vocation if you want. Then advance it to 10th level.

Set it up with minions and various beasties from the monster section, a Lair "ThunderDome"

You know this is a grizzled adventurer who now runs a ruin or large area along with his members of the secret society and looks to re-make Gamma Terra in his image!

I always loved the Nitro-Djinn from an old issue of Dragon. It was like a sentient nuclear entity that was conjoined to the reactor where it was born.  Literally a nuclear Genie...

The Knights of Genetic Purity!   Pure humans with tons of O-Tech and a hatred of all things mutated!!

The cannabilistic halflings of Dark-Sun, but let them be roving packs of wild children!!!!!

The Humungus from "The Road Warrior" and his pack of wild bikers!

Since you have many different world-lines colliding in Gamma Terra, just port over main Villians right from fantasy....

A Large Intelligent Red or Black Dragon demanding tribute form locale villages and holes up in the old skyscraper nearby

A vampire, with a GAMMA TERRA twist

A Diety stranded in this new world and seeking converts to grow in power...

Wow the nitro-Djinn really screams out for a conversion I might get to work on that.

Any idea how far back id have to look to find it?
Your not the only one who wants a Nitro-Djinn.  Im running a game of Gamma World set of the Warden ;)  And that guy sounds like an epic NPC. 
I turned my university's residential Internet service, "ResNet", into a lazy Internet god. His domain influence has been mitigated due to the efforts of the villain AI from Legion of Gold. My PCs agreed to help ResNet get rid of the LoG AI boss but secretly conspired to return and backstab ResNet later. Without Nero's influence keeping ResNet's divine power in check though, he's going to be considerably stronger than when they first met him.

At this point, my party has gotten through LoG and we're currently using the homebrew survivor tier rules for levels 11-20. I think they can handle it.
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