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The hero Quinn has a Daily Power called Blade Barrier which says:

"Choose a tile within 2 tiles of you. Place five Blade Barrier tokens on five different squares on that tile.

When a Monster is places on a square with a Blade Barrier token, remove that token and deal 1 damage to the Monster" 

My question is, how is it determined if a monster gets placed on a square with a Blade Barrier token? I mean it is the players who actually move the monsters, so then it is just moving the monster and place it on that square...right?

Can someone explain how they interpret this and how you would do the actual monster movement? 
I think you can decide this yourself

I always do this in legend of drizzt: If the mushroom patch is not taken i move it to the mushroom patch else i decide it myself on any adjacent square around the patch. So i suggest move the tokens close to that patch ;)

Or put your hero next to a token and when a monster attacks that hero that needs to be adjacent just move the monster on a token adjacent to the hero
We are extremely generous with the "move a monster" rules:  if it helps the party for a monster to move adjacent to a hero and end up on a different tile, we do it.  If it helps for a monster to move onto the same tile as the hero, we do it.  If it helps for a monster to move adjacent to a hero and also move all the way around him so that it is adjacent to another hero - those are all valid, in our book.  (Moving a monster so that it allows another hero to move adjacent to it AND explore an edge is a great tactic.)

That said:  to me, I would interpret this not as a "monster is moving through" the blades problem, but a "monster ending up" on the blades problem.  You are "placing" the monster when it finishes its movement, so how it actually moved to get there isn't an issue.  What's important is where the monster ends up.  When a monster ends its movement on the blades - then it takes damage.

For example, say you place your blade barrier tokens on 5 squares around one of your fellow heroes with two monsters close to him.  A 1 HP monster's turn comes up:  it moves adjacent to that hero onto one of the blades, takes one damage, and dies.  (In this case, I would count the owner of the Blade Barrier spell as gaining a treasure for killing a monster - assuming it doesn't go over the normal limit.)  A 2 HP monster's turn:  it moves adjacent to the same hero on a different blade, and takes one HP damage.  Next turn, the hero repositions so that the monster has to move to attack him again, but stands next to one of the other blades.  On the wounded monster's turn, it moves adjacent to the hero again - on yet another blade - and dies.  Finally, the hero moves away, but another monster appears on a tile near the blades, and its tactics tell it to move one tile closer to the heroes.  The monster steps onto the tile with the blades - specifically onto a spot with a blade - ends its movement, taking one damage.

In all of these cases, these monsters are not taking damage on each step:  but they are intentionally being moved onto blade tokens by using their tactics against them.  This makes more sense to me as opposed to worrying about which square each monster touches; technically, monsters have no speed so they could move all over the entire dungeon so long as they ended their movement adjacent to a hero (or whatever their tactics describe).  If you try to be specific with squares, you'll just end up causing more questions to happen - like, does the monster travel in a straight line or not?  If so, is THIS a straight line, or THIS?  These questions just lead to more questions.  Better to just ignore that stuff and have it only work on a monster when they have been placed.

Additionally, I would think large monsters would be particularly vulnerable to this ability, since they could take up to four damage with one placement.
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