Need some weapon/ armor suggestions for some of my players.

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Ive got a couple players (plus myself) that could use advice on good items, they usually come to me with advice but I'm at a bit of a loss this time.

First theres an Ardent that will become a Stygian Adept looking for a new weapon I originally suggested that he get a staggering weapon as I read that would be great with that PP. The I realized that he's a Greatspear user an it cant be staggering. So I was thinking controlling weapon would also work. thoughts?

Then theres A Dark pack warlock looking for a good neck item, I know very little about warlocks an are open to any suggestions.

lastly there's my character, I'm a monk when I'm not DMing an I could use some new cloth armor, right now I use bloodthread so I'm nearly unhittable when bloodied, but I feel I could do better... plus it does not stack with my boots of the fencing master.

again any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again
If the warlock is Teleport happy, a Cloak of Translocation is always worth the neck slot.

If the warlock isn't Teleport happy, Evil Eye Fetish can make him being attacked more painful on top of his Dark Spiral Aura.  Talisman of Terror which puts a -2 penalty to saving throws on Fear Ongoing Effects.  Amulet of Elusive Prey so he gets another boost to defenses if he goes 1 step further then needed for Shadow Walk.  Timeless Locket for Initiative boost and a Daily way to use a Second Wind as a Minor Action, if not for other things.  Amulet of Seduction, if the warlock has a preference for Charm powers (especially dominate) even if the -2 penalty to saving throws is only on the first one made.

For the Ardent?  Controlling Weapon wouldn't work with his Stygian Adept feature.  Greater Dancing Weapon might be something to try, though he'll likely want another weapon to hold/use when its activated just in case (Spiked Gauntlets or such?)

For your Monk?  Maybe Gambit Armour if Bloodthread isn't doing anything for you, as it will turn any critical against you into an expanded crit range back at the enemy.  Its daily power is a trade off of granting CA for getting CA, which can be nice if you are doing Five Storms and your AC is very high anyways (And its not a Lurker or something with extra damage on CA).  Otherwise, I'm not really sure.
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