?No RPGA? WhosYerCon Indianapolis March.

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WhosYerCon is a free gaming convention that doubles in size every year. We normaly have a seperate room for RPGA games with 6 - 10 tables with full games running all day every day. 

No one that people have talked to wants to run RPGA any more. It is my opinion that the "rewards program" is a major cause of this.

If you guys know someone or a group, that wants to represent Wizards and D&D at this convention please send them to the FaceBook group where you can get in contact with the correct people.

Have fun in Life!
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This particular area of the board receives very little traffic these days.  About 2 years ago, WotC reformatted the boards, and created a separate "group" for LFR.  The boards in that "group" receive far more traffic, and would probably be a better place to post your request.

The general LFR board in that group is located here:

Note that you may need to apply for membership in the LFR group in order to post on that board.

I hope this helps, and good luck!
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