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Lately something is going on with Character Builder on my computer. Silverlight (or the CB program) crashes every time I try to change something. By that I mean it says "Something Went Wrong" followed by an explanation of how I broke something. Then it gives me the option to Retry or Cancel. This happens whenever I try to change a feat, a power, swap out equipment, anything. I'm literally hitting Retry about six times when I want to change something. Any thoughts?

me too.
silverlight crashe everytime.
the same was re-install silverlight.
I have samilar as well, when using Win7.  Even the character that I created (before the crushed) was gone as well.    However, when I use my old PC (running WinXP) it was fine ................ sigh
Sounds like you upgraded to Silverlight 5.

Yank it out and reinstall Silverlight 4. Then look around for how to make sure that it won't be automatically upgraded again.

Blame Mickeysoft. 
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Once you get back on Silverlight 4, there is a place in the Silverlight settings where you can set it to never update, but you can still manually update it later if you want to.  You may also want to go into Automatic Updates and set it to never install updates without telling you first, so that you can review and approve each update.  It's generally good policy anyway not to let any software just automatically update itself - you never know what could happen.  

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It looks like it's been resolved, at least for me. I kept Silverlight 5 and just went to windows update and updated all of the .NET stuff, as that's what Silverlight depends on. I kept updating until there was nothing left and I haven't had any problems since, which is great!
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