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I'm new to deck building (obviously). I wanted to try my hand at making a deck that had Grimgrin in it and would have fun using him. I'd like this to be Standard legal.
Things I'm worried about:
The deck being slow. I added in the Sphere of the Suns thinking this might help me ramp.
I'm not sure if I need the counterspells or the creature removal...
Do I need some card draw like Think Twice or Ponder?

Just any advice would be appreciated. If I make this deck it would be for playing against friends. Thanks!
Is this that bad that no one wants to help? Frown
the deck is indeed very slow. vs creatures do or die is a good way of slowing opponent. noxious ghoul is golden with endless ranks - but also slow...

I'd recommend making the deck controlish...cut the cheaper offensive cards anything costing less then 4. the mix the deck so abouts half is defensive in a mix of counterspells, removal and sweeps.
I've got a U/B standard zombie deck atm. I don't use Grim Grin though. (A) He's too vulnerable to removal, (B) You have no way to fuel him. Reassembling skeletons is a good choice right now for feeind grim.

However In dark acension he gets help from gravecrawler (a 2/1 zombie you can play from your GY for 1 black) and somewhat from Mikadeaus (gives him undying, though only if you haven't been feeding him counters).

However as to your deck for the moment, I would do this:
-3 Moan of the Unhallowed I like this card, I really really do. However for 4 mana there are better zombies.
-3 Endless Ranks of the dead WAAY to slow. You have 1 zombie out? NO TOKENS FOR YOU!
-3 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Too expensive and hard to fuel atm
-2 Grave Titan, maybe only -1.
-2 Doom blade 4 is risky if you come across non black creatures.
-3 Sphere of the Suns without a way to restore counters, not worth it

+3 Forbidden Alchemy Gives you card draw and fuel for your reaper.
+3 Vapor Snag. I really like this card, it hits anything without hexproof and its life loss. If they spend all their mana to drop a big creature, it reads "Pay 1 blue mana, opponent skips his Main phases"
+2 Go For the throat, Sever the bloodline, Tribute to Hunger. Any of these card choices would be fine, Sever is slower but an exile (hits multiple cards too), Tribute goes through hexproof, and "G4tT" gets the black creatures doomblade misses.
+2 Evil Twin, Phrexian Metamorph, Phantasmal Image. Pseudo zombie, or legendary Creature removal. Any of them work, image is most vulnerable but cheapest to cast and the metamorph can steal artifacts too.
+3 Skinrender. I run 4 currently but planning to go down to 3. Its more removal, on a stick.

That leaves 3 slots. A better mana accelerant would be Manalith. Ghoulcaller's Chant works well with forbidden alchemy too. stitched drake is about the only blue zombie worth using since it's a flyer and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the other skaabs though I have had trouble getting him into play (another reason alchemy is pretty good).

Those are my suggestions to keep it standard, if you want to go out of standard, well I'll get back to ya tomorrow with the huge list of viable zombies and spell counterparts (for the casual plater ).
Thank you very much Magna!

Hopefully, more cards will come out in DA that will make Grimgrin viable.
Theres actually 2 that help grimgrin so far revealed. Gravecrawler is a 2/1 for 1 black and can be casted from the gy for 1 black so it can fuel him, also helps with the early game beats. Also there is Mikaeus who gives him undying if he dies the moment he hits the board. Though mikaeus and grim are quite expensive mana wise.
Thank you very much Magna!

Hopefully, more cards will come out in DA that will make Grimgrin viable.

Got any Heartless Summoning? And I agree, you should add a couple of Reassembling Skeletons.

Beacon of Unrest could be fun.

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