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A few scenarios I'm trying to puzzle through based on our game session last night regarding sustainable and moveable zones.

For added obnoxiousness, I'm a shaman, and the zones are close bursts centered on my spirit.

Scenario one:

I use shrieking winds spirits (daily, close burst 2 centered on spirit. Not a moveable zone, but sustain minor) inside the grounds of a keep while I'm still outside. I had line of sight and effect to the origin square. 5 of the squares of the zone were outside the keep, extending through the open keep doors and onto the drawbridge - origin square had line of effect to them. Subsequently a monster closes those doors, cutting off my line of effect to the origin square and the origin square's line of effect to the 5 squares outside the keep. I still have line of effect to those five squares. Can I sustain the zone?

Scenario two:

I use call to the spirit world, a close burst 3 zone centered on my spirit companion, which moves as my spirit companion does. When I cast it, my spirit is adjacent to a wall. The zone doesn't go through the wall, obviously, but I'm wondering what happens to the squares of the zone that would have been there if there was no wall. When I move my spirit (and thus the zone) away from the wall, do those squares "unfurl" (for lack of a better word) and allow me to manifest the entire area of the zone, or are those squares permanently truncated off the overall area?    

Help me, Logopolis and GelationousOctahedron!            
Scenario 1:

You can continue to sustain the zone because it does not have the conjuration keyword (conjurations specifically require line of effect).  However, I believe you will be unable to use the oppurtunity action the zone grants because you do not have line of effect - but don't quote me on that one (I don't have my rule books here)

Scenario 2:
   That are of the zone will be filled in as your Spirit Compnanion moves.  The zone is a constant burst three from the origin square.  Of course, you need line of effect to your Spirit Companion to maintain both the companion and the zone. 
   Similarly, if your SC becomes airborne, the squares underneath it would also be in the zone  (I know there was some rules debate on whether or not SC can fly and I haven't checked recently for the "official rule", but my group plays that SC can fly, for simplicity.)

Thanks for the reply, Zan. On scenario 1, fortunately the power specifies that the opportunity attack uses the zone's origin square as the origin square for the attack, so that line of effect question is answered. I like the "no conjuration keyword" justification. I hadn't thought of it that way before.
Help me, Logopolis

Well, since you asked... ;)

Scenario one:

You don't actually need line of effect to sustain a zone -- you can keep sustaining it even if the path between you and the zone becomes blocked after you use the power.

Scenario two:

Yes, the edges of zone will expand when you move away from the wall.