Online play by post - Round 2

For this time around, I'd like to reverse the sides and play as Empire, I have a couple custom ships I'd like to playtest if possible (Lancer Frigate, Victory-II Star Destroyer, stat cards are in the reference thread but I can repost them here). Rules-wise, the PD, Squadron and 2D10 sound good, for Range I'd suggest the 8-6-4?

Also, will we be trying out the reclassification of smaller Class-3s to Class 4? Gonna repost my suggestions in the reference topic for the ships in question:

Class 4 with Slow -1: Imperial Shuttle, Palpatine's Shuttle, Virago

Class 4 without Slow: Millenium Falcon, Outrider, both Slave Is, Sith Infiltrator

And if we do reclassify them, do they now have to be launched from capital ships, or may they be deployed from the beginning?

How many points shall we play this time, I'd like to make it a larger engagement, say 300 (or more)?
Another option would be make the smaller Class 3s Class 4s, and make starfighters Class 5s... 

may be easier to keep track...
My unofficial SSB Website 4-14-10 Uploaded the Base Pack of stat cards for Desperate Encounters. These cards are for the 60 stock SSB Models, making them compatible with DE. Coming Soon: DE: Reputations. Reputations in battle are earned, not given... An expansion pack containing stat cards for unique fighter squadrons, unique versions of stock SSB ships, and generic versions of unique SSB ships.
It is I think Rogue.

I agree on all rules.
Size of map, size of fleet: to be discussed.

Shiplist to be discussed.
Posted my standard SSB list, open for additions.

Like the Infinite removed from TIE Fighters, make it 3 points. Infinite is rediculus.

Class 1:
E - Executor

Class 2:
E - Imperial Star Destroyer
E - Imperial Interdictor Cruiser
R - Mon Calamari MC-80
R - Mon Calamari Cruiser Home One

Class 3:
R - Rebel Cruiser (Nebulon B)
R - Rebel Transport

Class 4 Slow:
E - Imperial Shuttle

Class 4 (class 5):
E - TIE Bomber
E - TIE Fighter
E - TIE Fighter Ace
E - TIE Interceptor
E - TIE Interceptor Ace
R - A-Wing
R - A-Wing Ace
R - B-Wing
R - Rogue Squadron X-Wing
R - X-Wing
R - X-Wing Ace
R - Y-Wing
R - Y-Wing Ace
Agreed on dropping the Infinite from TIE Fighters for a cost reduction, makes more sense now that we have the Squadron rule in effect.

I'd like to suggest letting the Empire also use the Nebulon-B if we don't include any customs, to give them a Class 3 ship.

For map size, standard again, or something bigger for a larger engagement?

For points, I'd say 250 or 300, also open to go even higher.
... if we don't include any customs...

Uhhh why not?
I posted only the original SSB shiplist of ships that qualify for me.
I'm open to additions, but since i have a lot of unpainted customs, I am not starting that list :D

300 points, stock map, but we turn the map 90 degrees so it's wider for larger fleets?

The map setup sounds good, even with range rules in effect there should be some shooting right from the get-go.

Shall we have a set number of turns, encouraging more aggressive tactics and keeping the game from going on for too long?

I'll start building my fleet, and making space to set it up.
Does 7 turns sound ok?

Which additional ships do you want to run? I can start painting then...

Can you name your ships in colors plz? It's very easy for me to edit in colors instead of names.
Sorry for the long delay in replying, been bogged down with things coming up.

7 turns sounds good.

I haven't yet had time to assemble my fleet, and I was also waiting to confirm with you any additional ships. The ones I have with stats (untested though) are the Lancer Frigate and Victory-II Star Destroyer, I'd also suggest a non-unique Corellian Blockade Runner but I don't have stats for one. Should be easy though to modify those of the Tantive IV for our purposes eh.

One other question I've just remembered, are we playing without command counters again?

And sure, I'll assign colors to each ship, but I still insist on having names for mine, heh.
No command counters plz.

Lancer, Victory and Corvette are ok, post stat cards plz?

I think Empire needs another class 3 tough.
Options: Nebulon B (same as rebel), Imperial Dreadnaught, Strike Cruiser. Take your pick!

That would make 4 'new' ships total, which I think is enough for this game. Later games we can outbuild that again, but I dont think it's wise to rush.
Sorry again for the delayed response, it's going to be like this all week from the looks of it.

Here's the stat cards I've got for a Victory II and Lancer Frigate, neither of them have been playtested yet and I have a feeling they need a bit of adjusting.

For the Corellian Corvette, the Tantive IV's stats should work just fine, minus the Unique of course. I haven't got an appropriate card for a Dreadnaught at this time, the ones I do have are for Class 1 and 2 models, and they need some extra work as it is.

I'd say just make the Nebulon-B available for both sides, which would give the Empire 3 Class 3 capital ships (Victory II, Lancer, Nebulon-B) versus the Rebels' 3 (Rebel Transport, Corellian Corvette, Nebulon-B).

The Rebels don't have a Class 4 slow to counter the Imperial Shuttle, but I imagine having more and better fighters overall balances this out.

Once we've finished hammering out all these last little details, we should have one big post with everything set, then after that the posts of our respective fleets, and finally we can begin, heh.
Delayed response is ok, Im not in a hurry. Happier the discussion is going than an absolutely dead board.

The Lancer looks ok to me, but the Victory is too cheap and too weak if you'd ask me!



Victory Star Destroyer2385/315+2Turbolaser +3/3Fighter Launch 1
3/012Turbolaser +4/3Fighter Launch 1
Imperial Empire

13 – 13
Ion Cannon +2/2Squadrons 2

10 – 10
Squadrons 2


Tractor Beams


These are my stats on it.




Corellian Corvette3193/214
Turbolaser +2/1Antifighter +4
2/012Turbolaser +2/1Antifighter +4
Rebel Alliance

10 – 10
Laser Canon +1/1

8 – 8



Starting on these customs finishing first!
Working on the Nebulons and Corvette's now, making good progress.
The Victory's going to be a problem to finish in time tough...

On a sidenote, Im away all next week, gat a 5 day course some 200 km from here, no internet.
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