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What are your thoughts on digest sized books , paperback and all. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of hard bound books. I have a pretty sizable library and I just like how they feel. Some of my gripes about 4th edition arnt with the system itself but with the terrible quality of the binding of the 4th edition books. When you open them more often than not the first and last page fold completely flat and the glue is exposed. I know some people say treat your books better and all of that, however I am OCD with my books, I never ben the spine more than say... 130 degrees, I never flatten any of my pages or anything like that. Which is why the glue issue is infuriating.

Now I have all of the essentials books, and they are fantastic. The quality of the books are good, as well as smaller, and MUCH easier to take on trips if you want. A lot of other companies are going this route as well, like the Castles and Crusades franchise, as well as A song of Ice and Fire RPG.

So while I hope they dont stop making hard bounds (if they do it correctly) . Digest books should be out there to provide a lower entry cost into the system, as well as having books to throw around at the table with little concern.

Agree ? Disagree? (not sure how to make a poll, or I would have done so)
I really love the layouts of the essentials series. Especially the Monster Vault, the book in there is amazing! It is also the best because it has a durable cover. The rest of the Essentials series have a strange textured cover that tends to get beaten up a lot when I carry it around in my bag.

What I would like to see is for the books to follow the standard practice in the book industry. That is, a limited run of hardcover books upon release (they could be labelled as "collector's edition" or somesuch), before release in paperback 3-6 months later. I would prefer the paperbacks to be the same size, with the exception of those that are designed for table use. The Rules Compendium is great, just the right size to not disrupt play. I bought several of them so we can resolve rules on the fly.

In short, I don't agree about the size of the books, but more paperback books would be appreciated for the health of the back and my wallet. 
I would love to see the core system of 5e released in a digest-sized paperback edition. Something that you can slap in your back pocket and be ready to game.

Something equivalent to a pack of magic cards.

This would require that all the options be left out.

The simplest combat and saves you can imagine. No self-indulgent claptrap on the part of the designers. Just the basics, just the simplest D&D you can make. Put it on paper. Put it in the pocket of every player in the world.

You'll have something. 
There was a digest-sized version of old red box D&D. It was released only in the UK. Basically it was a slightly oversized novel that combined the two books from the red box. I still have a copy on my bookself. It was a great book, very handy for travelling with.

Random thought: there's a good product idea...D&D books are always getting carried about and battered in backpacks. How about custom-made cover protectors? Of course we could always get them covered in the local bookstore but it would be good to get custom covers...maybe half transpartent with art on them?
I'd buy that. Put the DM's screen on them.
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