5e Computer client?

The threads I have seen are mainly rules/content/balanced based, but I'd like to know if there are any plans for PC client software for D&D that would roll all the "game table" stuff such as character sheets, maps, notecards, game grids, and source books (but probably not die rolls) into one efficient machine. Such programs have existed in the past, but they have been quite clunky. A utility like this would help draw in new players who are more used to gaming through a computer than at a table. Moreover, it would not alienate traditional players as its use would be completely optional. Anyway, I realize something like this would probably have to come through a third party as, to my knowledge, WotC doesn't develop software in house. Just my two cents. Any thoughts?

             I want a character and monster management tool with treasure generator that is updated each and every time a new book supplement or module comes out for D&D 5.0. I do not want it to be online only; I do not want to pay a monthly fee to use it. It should be included with every rule book supplement and module that comes out.  I would be glad to pay an additional 30 bucks a book for this software. I thought that e-tools from codemonkey was pretty good for 3.5 i just wish the data sets had come out in a more timely fashion. I want this to be a rock solid piece of software that works every time I go to use it on a physical cd that I own. I don’t want the data sets to be crowd sourced, fan sourced or done by monkeys it needs to work the first time every time. Make my paperwork easy thanks.

I would agree with the following additions:

The player's module (creating characters, etc) is free to anyone for any level of any character
The DMs module (monsters, encounter creation, etc) is paid (or subscription), and allows a DM to link all the player characters together.
All of the basic rules get published at the start, all at the same time.  no parsing into "upgrades" that cost more after the fact
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