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So i'm completely new to the whole D&D thing.
I'm currently running a reaver campaign for a group where everyone is new to the game and everyone has really enjoyed it so far. And now i'm looking for another campaign to run.

Long story short, in the DM book it says on page 174 in the Basic quest seeds table: Win a contest, race or war.

I love that! I imagine sort of a huge race, where teams have to travel from city to city and solve problems. They may encounter other teams and form alliances/try to kill. One team could try to ally the heroes and then backstab them when they least expect it. Massive treasures are in the prize pool and the creators of the race could be bad guys who cheat by sending out mercenaries to take out certain teams. It all become sort of a corrupt play-with-life-of-others game where the climax of the adventure would be taking out the big boss. The campaign could also feature some awesome time-based puzzles where the players (hopefully) would get more stressed and therefore involved in the game.

Has anything like that been written? Because if not, i think this will be my first homemade campaign.

Also: Thoughts on the concept would be awesome! :D
As far as I know nothing has been written like that.  You could use the reality show the Amazing Race as a template.   Be sure that your PC's backgrounds intertwine with the race theme so they have other motivations other than prize(s).
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