Master Speed Question

If I move with Grand Master Luke Skywalker 6 spaces and then attack a character can I then use master speed to move away from that character.

Second, when using master speed does the six spaces it allow me to move cut in half when moving over difficult terrain.

Forgive me if these seem like stupid questions but I am new to playing this game. Thanks.

no you cannot move away with master speed.

The only way you can move after making an attack is if you had mobile (or greater mobile) attack.  Master speed just changes how far you can move during that portion of your turn.

As for difficult terrain you always count 2 squares when moving through it so shor tanswer is yes it is cut in half.  Long answer is that before you start moving you declare any movement modifiers.  In this case that would include MAster speed (or plain old move faster which lets you move 2 squares for a force point).  Once you determine how far you can move then you start moving, counting difficult terrain and low cover as 2 squares each and diagonals at double their normal cost.  You can keep moving until you run out of squares that you can still move.

Hope that helps.

You might also check out
as both those sites are more active in the star wars area than this particular site has been as of late.
One other quick thing to note: You declare and use Master Speed (as well as any other movement-enhancing force power/special ability at the beginning of your move, not when you need to move the extra squares. The timing is important because there are abilities/force powers that can prevent or cancel Force Powers like Force Defense or Ysalamiri.

Also in addition to those two sites (Both of which I also highly reccomend as they represent the bulk of the SWM communuity), is the site that houses the online versions of the official Eratta, FAQ, and glossary. The FAQ is a very good read for a newer player and answers a great deal of questions (Though, the fact that it is a FAQ sort of gives that awayTongue Out ).
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