Please don't call the Next Iteration D&D Next

I mean officially upon release. This is from a marketting perspective.

It sounds like a bad 90s or 00s update to an awesome 80s cartoon. Like GI Joe Extreme. It seems like a good idea in some ways, but really it just comes off sounding really cliche.

I really just want it to be called Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Editon. It doesn't need a silly description on the end.

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I agree with this message: "D&D Next" sounds at best like a name for the feedback-getting PR/playtest program they're running now.  The released materails should be called Fifth Edition... or simply called "Dungeons & Dragons" with no version or edition numbers to speak of on official packaging.

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I agree. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, what are the games with non-numbered editions?
-Star Wars. As far as I can tell, this was due to it actually being several unrelated RPGs.
-Old/New World of Darkness. White Wolf has a compulsive need to not give anything a traditional name, partially to differentiate themselves from D&D.
-Paranoia XP. Given that the previous editions were 1st, 2nd, and 5th, and that it's Paranoia, I think we can safely discount them as being insane.

It really does feel gimmicky to call it D&D Next. Please just call it 5th.
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I agree. 

Everyone is going to call it Fifth Edition or "5E" anyways.
I really don't care what they call it as long as they give it a working title, soon, so I can talk about it with other enthusiasts.
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