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This is my first deck thread on hear so I hope it doesn't make your eye's bleed
This is just something I was thinking of making, but I thought before I do I would release it on you people to have it ripped.. I mean critqued.

This is just what I was thinking off the top of my head how it would look, other inclusions might be runechanter's pike, gitaxian probe, and/or slagstorm in the bord

Explanation is really only in order for why I have the devils.  The way I see it the ability to get +4/+0 whenever I cast an instant or sorcery is an amazing ability the returning to my hand is just icing on the cake.
I think the Devil's are too expensive in this deck.  You have a lot better things to do with 6 mana.  The same might be true for Past in Flames, but maybe not.  I don't think I like how Past in Flames is a sorcery.  That would leave you tapped out on your turn unable to protect yourself.  I can see it as another win condition very late in the game.

You're definitely lacking card draw.  I'd put in 4x of either Ponder or Think Twice.  Ponder might be better because you can set up the Delver.  Think Twice might be better because you can leave mana open for counters and it's actual card advantage (2-for-1).  I think it might be a toss up.

I'm not a huge fan of the Shocks.  I personally think Gut Shot might be better because it's "free" and there are a ton of X/1 creatures you really want to kill turn 1.  I'd also be tempted to run some more counters (such as Negate, Turn Aside or two more Dissipates) to protect the Delver.  Or maybe some Blue Sun's Zenith for late game card draw.

All that said, I think it's an interesting deck.  The card draw is the number one thing it's missing.  If you do pick up the Think Twices, I'd be very tempted to turn it into a Burning Vengeance deck, especially with the sweet new cards coming out for it in Dark Ascension.
I think that Charmbreaker Devil's is actually a decent idea for this deck.  The free spell each turn could be extremely useful.  However, my concern is that Charmbreaker might just not be good enough when Inferno Titan, Frost Titan, Consecrated Sphinx and other finishers compete at the 6 mana spot.  I agree that the Shocks should probably be Gut Shots, or at least Galvanic Blasts (even if you run no artifacts there is no downside of blast over shock, and your opponent might suspect that you are hiding artifacts in your deck/side and bring in artifact hate against you.  I'm also not sold on Past in Flames.  It only rebuys your burn, which means that it could just be a 7 mana brimestone volley or something else most of the time.  I'd cut them for 2 more Brimestone Volley.  I'm also not a huge fan of Shrine in anything but Mono-Red.  It is decent though, but I'm not convinced it's just better than another creature or more counters/burn like Dissipate and Devil's Play.  I also aggre that with Delver you should be running 4 ponders, but I'm not sure if you really want to be running Delver at all.  I've been experimenting with UR aggro, where Delver alongside other cheap efficient UR creatures is a real beating, but your deck is extremely controlly and perhaps shouldn't be running delver at all.  Along those lines I also think that Pike shouldn't be going in unless you also plan to add more creatures to carry it.  
Hello. This is my first post and I want to apologize for not tagging my cards. (I don't know how) 

My deck is similar to yours but mine has a few different things, have you thought about adding in. 

Chandra, the Firebrand
Chandra's Phoenix

I like these two cards because if you decide to use the Runechanter's Pike you will almost always have a Phoenix around to use it. And if your pheonix dies he will be sure to come back just as quick. Plus Chandra is good to pick off weak creatures...and she looks cool.

I tried the Delver of Secrets, it wasn't consistent enough for me. Plus later in the game I found him useless as I would rather draw a spell.

Charmbreaker Devils, I love these guys. Although they didn't make the final deck. The best ability I found was how it returned one card from my graveyard. Which was normally a burn spell OR some sort of counter spell. The problem is that they usually die and it was a waste of a turn. Also whenever they got out I was usually winning and controlling the board, so it was useless. I never had them bring me back from a losing game. I liked having the Runechanter's Pike on a small creature over having a big creature. 

Desperate Ravings...yuck. Do you really want to have a chance at losing a really good card in your hand? I like Think Twice and Ponder so much better. 

Past in Flames...Sounds amazing but I usually don't have the mana to pull off anything amazing with this card.     

Devils Play, also another favorite card. Just is. 

Solemn Simulacrum, these can be useful also. Get a land. Draw a card. Have a blocker. Have someone to hold the Runechanter's Pike.

I don't have my deck on me or else I would post what I use. Hope this post gave you some ideas. It's just what I think. I'm no magic pro or anything.        


Thanks guys for the feedback I wasn't sure about the delvers either and I was also thinking more counters as well.  I completely forgot about chandra when I was typing this up, same with gut shot.
I'll be sure to post an updated list after my exams are over
And I am definitley going to finish this deck with dark acsension.
Faithless looting here I come.
Here is a somewhat revised list

I feel very much attached to the devils, but I did add more card draw.  I should be able to put this deck together soon (exept for mabey the snapcasters Frown) And test it any more thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated.
I think you have some bits and peices that can be improved here.

-  Devil's Play is too expensive in this deck.  Its one of those cards that you only want in certain situations and most of the time, this deck is so fast, you wont even need it.

-  Same goes with Charmbreaker Devils.  If you are going to have some card that is completely off the mana curve, at least make it an inferno Titan.  you want to be winning by turn 6 and you are not a control deck.

-  Past in Flames is way too slow.  By the time this card will be effective for you, you will be dead.  This card is too slow in burning vengeance decks where you deck added value out of it, there is no reason it is fast enough in this deck.

-  I usually SB Shrines, because I don't think you need them game 1, and it is a nice surprise when they dont have their artifact tech out yet.  If you want to mainboard them, make sure you start game 1 with it in your opening hand, otherwise there is no point for it to be in the main deck.

- I think if you run desperate raving, it would be smart to run 2 Lavamancers, and two phoenix.  Ravings fuels lavamancer quite well and the phoenix is a great card to dump in the yard.

- I see no reason to run Geistflame over Galvanic Blast.  Most of the time you can kill your opponent with a couple blasts late.  Geistflame is way too cute and you already have Gut Shot which is mush better for this deck at a 1 toughness remover.

May I suggest the following...

Sulfur Falls
9 Island     
8 Mountain

4 Delver of Secrets
2 Grim Lavamancer
3 Snapcaster Mage
2 Chandra's Phoenix
3 Gut Shot
4 Ponder
3 Galvanic Blast
4 Incinerate
4 Mana Leak
2 Psychic Barrier
1 Negate
4 Desperate Ravings
3 Brimstone Volley 

I think the mana curve is smoother here and although I would drop ravings altogether in this deck for 3 Probes and another blast, this is solid.  Id sideboard 4 shrines, a couple dissipates, some stromkirks and some slagstorms along with steel sabotage (which i love in this format).  If you have to have the shrines main board, I would dump the Barriers and the Negate, along with 1 ponder.

  Good Luck  

- I see no reason to run Geistflame over Galvanic Blast.  Most of the time you can kill your opponent with a couple blasts late.  Geistflame is way too cute and you already have Gut Shot which is mush better for this deck at a 1 toughness remover.

Right now given the metagame, running Galvanic Blast over Geistflame is almost always wrong.  The number of creatures that Gal Blast hits in standard that Geistflame doesn't extraordinarilly small, so in easilly 90% of your games being able to flash back a Geistflame is infinitely more relevant than the extra point of damage on Blast.  
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