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Field report for D&D Encounters: Beyond the Crystal Cave (Week 8.) now available at Dungeon's Check out our D&D Encoutners Archive for weekly write-ups, actual play podcasts and new pre-generated characters.

We had four strikers and one leader. They had trouble initially but switched to ranged attacks making it more challenging for Basil to use his triggered action and blast 3 attack. This was one of the most fun encounters I’ve played all season.

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That sounds like a fun encounter! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this week, so I missed out on whatever transpired at my local shop.
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This encounter was barely a challenge for my table of 10.  No one else wants to run a table and I hate turning people away...

I heavily modified Basal.  I gave him a lot more HP, changed the recharge on his powers, and let him riposte more than once a turn.

I role-played him as a cocky SOB with an obnoxious laugh.  The group didn't come up with any rules for the combat.  Basal went first sliding under the table and hiding from all of the PCs.  A few tense seconds went by as Basal rolled out from under the table and swept 5 PCs off their feet with his lunging sweep.  The battle was on as an impressed party swooped in and engaged him in melee.  Orlando joined the fight too getting in a solid hit with his rapier.  Basal responded on his turn by stabbing Orlando twice with his spear gravely injuring him.  The party Thief fearing for Orlando's life and knowing he wouldn't voluntarily leave pulled out his rope and lassoed Orlando.  The next round was spent by several PCs taking turns grabbing the rope trying to drag Orlando to the trapdoor.  They almost succeeded until Orlando, with an impressive showing of athletics, stretched the rope slipping out of it.  Basal, wanting to fulfill his oath to Ragnar, jumped up and ran on the table to get around the PCs so he could attack Orlando.  The Warlock, in a fury of fire and brimstone intimidated Orlando into going into the trapdoor.  Once he was safely inside the Dwarven Knight ran over and stood on top the door protecting Orlando from any further attacks.

Soon after, Basal yielded to the PCs.  He reluctantly agreed to help return Orlando alive to Ragnar.

The Thief earned a Moment of Greatness for the rope idea.  I was frustrated for most of the encounter trying to manage 10 players and challenge them with a solo.  I'm glad I took the time to type this report up because now I realize the session was actually fun.  The players had a good time which in the end is the most important thing.

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We had a fairly light table at FCB Comics & Games this week. Only 4 PCs, when we usually have 6 or 7. We had two thieves, a knight, and a hunter.

The PCs tried to convince Basal that he didn't have to attack Orlando, because Ragnar took back the orde to kill him, but I had Basal explain that he swore an Oath to Ragnar, so he must fulfill that Oath. He could be released from that Oath if he was defeated while attempting to fulfill it.

So, they agreed to fight. The PCs requested the fight be non-lethal, which Basal agreed to. The PCs then tried to play with it a little bit. One said that he wanted to be able to set what weapon Basal uses, but backed down when Basal said that he would agree to that if he could also dictate what the PCs use. There were a few other clever attempts, but they were always countered by the fact that Basal wanted equality for the rules.

In the end, they only kept the "non-lethal" rule, and Orlando participated.

I kept Basal as mobile as I could, but I never did get to use Lunging Sweep (had a momentary "moment" where I thought that he only got to use Lunging Sweep if he hit three targets with Hunter's Momentum), and I mis-read Bewildering Bolt, thinking that it made the target unable to attack him until the start of HIS next turn (not the target's next turn). 

Still, it was a pretty good fight. I had him fight until 0 hit points, at which point he yielded. By the time it got to that, he had dropped three different characters... the halfling thief (who was healed by another character the following round), the human knight, and Orlando!

So, they had him yield, and he agreed to accompany them back to Ragnar and Uma. Everyone had a lot of fun with it.

I'm going to have to reuse Basal for my regular game. I liked him.  

I'm going to have to reuse Basal for my regular game. I liked him.  

That's pretty cool. I like how Chris has made him an honorable scoundrel of sorts.

In my version he was Basalt, Son of Cat-Lord--aka the fiery Tybalt of R&J. He was a much flatter character, as he was driven by vengeance for Caerwyn's murder at the hands of Porpherio (well, that's what he believed).

Basal is a more fun dude to chat with than Basalt would have been.  
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