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hey guys,
the rule is you cant shift in hard terrain. good. but can you shift when a power tells you to shift? probably no, but if you shift more than 1 square, can you shift your half squares on hard terrain?
and what about if the power says "attack a target, **** 1 square and make a second attack on same/other target", if you can **** from hard terrain or something in your way, you loose the 2nd attack? (rouge enc. circling predator)


You CAN shift in Difficult Terrain - you cannot shift 1 square in Difficult Terrain, because squares of difficult terrain cost 2 movement to enter.  If you're in difficult terrain and some effect lets you shift, for instance, 4 squares, you could shift through 2 squares of difficult terrain.

You can use such a power if there are two targets within your reach when you first use the power.  Moving (including shifting) is always optional when a power or feature lets you do it.
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From RC 249: "A creature can't shift when using a movement mode that requires it to make a skill check."

If a power lets you shift, that shift is still subject to the normal rules.  So if you're underwater, climbing, on any other terrain where you have to roll a skill check, you simply won't move.

In the case of circling predator, you can make both attacks against the same crature, so you won't lose the second attack.

A better example is storm in the trees: if you hit the primary target twice and there's no secondary target within reach, you can lose the attack if you can't shift to it.
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