Which 1st level published adventure should I start with for 3 players

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I was wondering what was the best published adventure that was available that might be good for 3 1st level new players.

- Keep
- Reavers
- Slaying Stone
- Kobold

I've heard good things about Reavers and Slaying Stone.
What say you all?

im running some newbies through reavers right now. its good, there are a lot of roleplay opportunities, and a lot of good map support in the adventure. you only need tiles or a mat for the end. and its updated monsters. all in all its pretty good
I have no experience with Reavers, but as for the other three, I'd definitely recommend The Slaying Stone.
I had a blast with the slaying stone with 3 players, 2 of whom were new.
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