Need some Input: Satyr Hexblade

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Hello there! Currently i'm readying a new character for a session tonight/tomorrow (whenever everyone gets the time) and while I wait i'm been going over the ideas I've had for my character and what all i've planned for him. I understand that all input here is opinion so i'm not going to get into anyone's face about "that's stupid" or something similarly silly. I want to know what everyone thinks of what i've come up with, to get another point of view so to speak.

Zaine, Satyr Hexblade (Fey Pact)

Theme: Explorer
Background: The Demon Binder (modified)
       - Instead of true love's soul being stolen away by a minor demon, the inhabitant is actually Zaine's Blade of Winter's Mourning, the pact weapon he received. The closest similarity I can think of right of the bat would be Vampire Hunter D, and the wise cracking parasite in his hand. The fey spirit resides inside of Zaine and matieralizes as Zaine's weapon whenever called to do so, and exists as a constant reminder of Zaine's pact.

Otherwise Zaine is content with himself, but has a deep wanderlust. He wants to "Go places and know things", as he might put it. He would rather sit back and play his flute when resting, rather than chart the continuation of his journey. In battle he changes to a subdued, serious fighter. He isn't boastful or a braggart, and tends to be straightforward and straight to the point, so to speak. Though, he isn't above using his wit and sharp tongue to insult a loudmouthed opponent.

As for the rest, well, I'm more open to answering questions than reciting the entirety of his narrative. If he'd interesting enough, i've done my job, otherwise, what's really missing? Any feedback would be wonderful, and thanks for reading. :D