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Hello guys, I was wondering about the apperance of Kalak, a part from the description of him in the Prism Pentad series.

And I found that :

It does looks like a 2nd edition picture but I was wondering where it comes from ?

I know that in the DSCS they did the same with this picture :

I was wondering your opinions on that matter.

That second edition pictures comes from the adventure from the first Dark Sun boxed set.
Okay thanks !
Those pictures both kind of stink in terms of accurately depicting what happened to Kalak, according to canon. I do use them both on my own Obsidian Portal campaign site and make sure my PCs know that artists frequently exaggerate or get details wrong. My own page for those pix actually looks really similar to the first one posted, strangely enough:


Of course, I did tweak what happened in my own world, anyway, putting Rikus on top of the obsidian pyramid when he threw the spear.
There's also a description in one of the Prism Pentad books by Tithian.  He recalls that Kalak was looked like an old woman but he could still break mul necks with a twist of his wrist.

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