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Now they have announced a 5th edition, do you think it will be a good excuse (reason) to dump the Darksun setting? Will they bring DS to 5th ed.? I doupt it.
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Um...No. With the current Rule of Three, it sounds like if they like how 4e made multiple healer classes. And for 5th edition they might be expanding on different healing as well. They even made mention on how Dark Sun works with the way 4e did healers, so that they could get rid of the entire divine power source. As far as dropping Dark Sun, I think that would be a waste of setting that is more unique than any other setting I've seen so far.
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Grummore, you seem really worried that they're going to drop Dark Sun any time, now. This is the second or third thread where I've seen you express that concern in one form or another.

For what it's worth (probably not much), I don't see it happening. We may have to wait on an updated Dark Sun, just like we had to wait on Eberron 4E, but it makes sense that they continue supporting the setting. I've heard pretty much universal praise for the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. Many consider it the best 4E publication of all. I can't see them just dropping the setting.

So cheer up, mate. Many of us have confidence that the setting will continue to be supported. At the very least, you have this: Athas spent years on the proverbial shelf, and that couldn't kill it. The fans kept it alive. It seems to be as popular as ever. The fans will continue to support this unique setting, no matter what happens.

What happened to my post count? It seems the more I post, the more it drops. Is that how it's supposed to work?

You are right. Why? Darksun was the first setting that introduced me to RPG. I had few books from the first, second and revised second editions, but I never had the chance to have a group to play. I kept reading stuff... (this is sad, yes ). So I started RP with the DS setting at the age of 18. I now have 38 and I can say that I never GMed something else (I am currently gathering stuff for a Fading Suns campaign). Not that I never played something else though, I played a lots of different settings (FR, Ravenloft, Eberron, Darksun, Little Fear, Mutants and Masterminds, BattleStar Galactica, Shadowrun, Pavillon Noir, Stargate SG-1, Cthulhu, StarWars, etc.).

Darksun do have a special place in my heart, yes. There are things I just couldn't do without. I tryed 4ed, but I kept going back to 3rd ed (played 2nd ed) from and D&D3.5.

Things that I CANNOT play without are :

* REAL mean, big, tall, Half-Giant
* REAL alien 6 legged Thri-Kreen with a big ass
* The special clerical structure of the DS world (Elemental Clerics ! They are TIED to the setting).
* Special monetary system
* etc. 
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Honestly as simple as 4th edition rules are, when 5th edition is released in the worst case scenario there will be rules added to the setting. I can not see an issue with monsters with the monster builder and characters on the character buiilder. All that would be needed is a little update sheet( an update book would be great though ) with rules changes to the setting.
With all the house rules people use to make the 4th ed version of DarkSun similar to the 2nd edition DS I do not see 5th ed being much of a hurdle.
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