So far the WotC designers have been saying that this new edition will be able to recreate the experience of playing any edition of D&D. As part of the public play test I would love to see the assumptions that WotC is using for each edition. Basically what does WotC R&D see as the key components of AD&D, BECMI, 3.5, etc.

 Any Edition

I've been worried about that part, myself. I'm concerned that 5E will attempt to please everyone, which as we all know, results inevitably in pleasing no one. My most favorite games (RPGs and board games) all have one thing in common: they know what they're trying to do, and they do it well. I'm of the opinion that no RPG can do everything well, and attempting to make it do everything will cause it to do nothing well.

This idea of a modular ruleset seems gimmicky, and reminiscent of mechanics that I've seen fail utterly in the past.

Standard Answer to all 5E rules questions: "Ask your DM."

well in the l&l column mearls says this regarding the 'core' of dnd (page 30 of the compilation. I dont know why it copy pasted weird)


Here’s the list:

The six ability scores—Strength, Dexterity, Constitution,

Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma—as the

categories for measuring a character’s abilities.

Armor Class as the basic representation of a character’s


Alignment (Law v. Chaos, Good v. Evil) as a personal

ethos and a force in the universe.

Attack rolls made using a d20, with higher rolls

better than lower ones.

Classes as the basic framework for what a character

can do.

Damage rolls to determine how badly a spell or

attack hurts you.

Gold pieces as the standard currency for treasure.

Hit dice or level as the basic measure of a monster’s


Hit points as a measure of your ability to absorb

punishment, with more powerful characters and

creatures gaining more of them.

Levels and experience points as a measure of power

and a mechanic that lets characters become more

powerful over time.

Magic items such as +1 swords as a desirable form

of treasure.

Rolling initiative at the start of a battle to determine

who acts first.

Saving throws as a mechanic for evading danger.

“Fire-and-forget” magic, with spellcasters expending

a spell when casting it.

Gosh, the formatting on that copy/paste job is horrendus. Link to the article?

Standard Answer to all 5E rules questions: "Ask your DM."

Gosh, the formatting on that copy/paste job is horrendus. Link to the article?

yeah i dont know why it did that, maybe my work cpu

page 30 "the core of dnd"
No I was talking about are the assumptions that make AD&D different fom BECMI, BECMI different than 3.5, etc.

 Any Edition

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