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Our groups background:


Our regular D&D group alternates between 2 or 3 different campaigns, playing each for a month or 2 before changing to another. We tend to like making a themed party.

Our first adventuring party is all Martial powered and have been playing through the original set of published 4E adventures, currently at level 28 part way through E3 Prince of Undeath.

Our 2nd main party are all Arcane power based and can best be described as “Evil” playing through some side adventures, FR1 Sceptre Tower of Spellgard, as well as the re-release of the Tomb of Horrors and now level 23 in the new Tomb of Horrors super-adventure. Doing our best to steal Acererak’s power for ourselves.

This week we began a new campaign starting over at level 1, playing through a hybrid of HS1 the Slaying Stone and a Paizo module I didn’t catch the name of (maybe the Bastards of Erebus). Level 1 is a bit of a shock to the system after playing epic tier for several months.

The theme for this party is Pixies, based on a vague idea I had for a character that I had no use for at the time. The idea was a Warforged character, who rather than an animated suit of armor is more like an anime mecha controlled by tiny fairies that pilot the armor. This was also before any news had come out regarding Pixies as a playable race. Gradual discussion amongst our group (and the release of Heroes of the Feywild) refined this idea into an adventuring party of (mostly) Pixies that live inside the Warforged character, that we just had to play.

There are also an indeterminate number of non-combatant Pixies living in our travelling home who help with crewing, cooking, etc. including raw recruits who may get promoted to full fledge party members if anyone dies.

Our usual group consists of 5 players and a DM with the role of DM rotating periodically between 2 or 3 of the guys. Last night we had 7 players with 1 being only in town for the first 3 sessions and another unsure if his schedule will allow him to join us in Pixie mayhem on a very regular basis.

So this is the party:


the Baastard - (Leader) Warforged Artificer
With Animal Master theme (monkey - a wingless Pixie who acts as our scout)
and Arcane Familiar (coure attendant - actually the leader of the Pixie commandos)
and a third “Pixie” who never gets out of the armor and is the actual artificer/alchemist.
(Bastion Armored Alchemical Support Transport - Arial Recon Division)

Zaen- (Controller) Pixie Orb Wizard
With Seer theme is actually the deceased souls of Pixie elders who act as the power source to the Baastard. He never leaves the square of the Baastard and readies a move action on his turn to travel with him wherever he goes.

Boscage- (Defender) Pixie Paladin
Not sure of his theme. Pretty straight forward

Frost- (Striker) Pixie Blackguard
Agent of the Unseelie Court theme
Again, pretty straight forward but his allegiance remains in question

Rue’ehn (Controller) Pixie Seeker Hybrid (not sure of the 2nd hybrid class)
Actually twin Pixies – one a Seeker and  one a ??? who always work as a team,
counting as 1 Pixie. Not sure of his theme.

the Cutting – (Defender/ Striker) Wilden Berserker
Literally a cutting from the Pixie Tree of Life in the Feywild who is planted inside the core of the Baastard. He has a power that lets him move 3 sq when we roll initiative which we have re-fluffed as him sprouting a new body at the beginning of each encounter. Not sure of his theme. He starts off with a smaller figure and replaces him with something larger when he goes berserk. I am Groot!

el Monstro – (Controller/Striker) Gnome Swarm Druid
Although ostensibly a Gnome he has been re-fluffed as a swarm of Pixies who travel around inside a Jawa style cloak and arrange themselves into the form of a small humanoid or a poor imitation of a pig and occasionally burst out as a swarm of flittering death whenever he uses an area effect attack. Not sure of his theme.

At the beginning of each combat encounter we have only 2 figures on the board, the Warforged and the Gnome-like swarm. The Wilden sprouts a body within 3 sq as we figure out initiative order. The 4 Pixies occupy the space of the Warforged. A little vulnerable to area effects but it really adds to the flavor of the party.

We have been sent from the Feywild to the World to find out what has been happening to the twinned Pixie souls that are born into the children of this region.

The roll-playing opportunities seem limitless. Social interactions devolve into an argument amongst a horde of tiny voices, some of whom can’t be seen since they may operate a knee or foot. To say nothing of the mischievous nature of our marauding band of mercenaries. We intend on using alternate treasures whenever possible. “Yes we can save your village from the orcs, but we want 2 gallons of children’s tears of joy in return”.


That sounds incredibly creative.  It seems like so much thought was put into the characters and how they work together.  I'm going to have to steal this concept and work on a story arc for my group when we're in downtime from our current campaign (Pathfinder AP).

Please, let us know how this plays out beyond paper and concept!
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