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I haven't been on the 3.5 Threads in awhile... thought I lost the 3.5 CharOp thread; but I it was just squished under the Older Editions header. Bahaha.

Anyway, playing a 3.5 Game with some buddies and am planning on rolling a new character. After reading Treatmonk's, LogicNinja's, and Dictum Mortuum's handy Wizard Guides, I wanted to try my hand at building a true arcane powerhouse.

My plan (character-wise) is to have a Wizard who is a member of a Mage's Guild, who is bent on unraveling the very mysteries of magic in it's rawest form. He wants to master magic at it's very core. This extreme talent eventually leads him on the path of rising to Archmage and head of the Guild.

This is what I've managed to come up with by myself so far:

Name: Pentalus Vivec
Alignment: Lawful Neutral 
Race: Human
Deity: Boccob
Class: Wizard 5 / Incantator(trix) 10 / Archmage 5

Alternative Class Feature: Domain Wizard, Storm Domain (to grab all those nifty Non-Wizard Spells.)
Alternative Class Feature: Eidetic Spellcaster (No more depending on your Spellbook in crazy adventures.)
Prohibited School(s) of Magic: Necromancy (Fluff-Wise, this character wouldn't dabble in the Dark Arts.)

Starting Feats: Collegiate Wizard (Bonus Spells), Iron Will (Incantatrix Requirement)

Regular Feat Progression:

Level 3: Arcane Mastery (Take 10's on Casting Rolls)
[Wizard Bonus Feat 5]: Spontaneous Divination
Level 6: Skill Focus, Spellcraft (Archmage Requirement)
Level 9: Versatile Spellcaster (Burn two low-level spells to cast a higher one)
Level 12: Spell Focus, Conjuration (Archmage Requirement)
Level 15: Spell Focus, Evocation / ?? (Archmage Requirement)
Level 18: Alacritous Cogitation (Leave open a spell slot to spontaneously cast 1/Day)

Metamagic Feats, Incantatrix:

1st, Extend Spell (Metamagic)
4th, Persistent Spell (Metamagic)
7th, Quicken Spell (Metamagic)
10th, Twin Spell (Metamagic)

Archmage High Arcana Choices:

Mastery of Counterspelling
Mastery of Shaping
Arcane Reach
Spell-Like Ability (Time Stop)
--- ??

So yeah, basically I'm using Metamagic as a model to relay how powerful this guy is at manipulating mystic forces. Problem is, I'm having a really hard time deciding on the feats to use. Even most of the ones I have selected I'm not sure about. Other Feats I would like to utilize might be Metamagic School Focus, but I don't know which Schools would be best to apply it to. I wanted to also improve my ability to Counterspell (as that's a very Archmage-style thing to do...) so I was also considering Improved Counterspelling, and maybe other relevant Counterspelling Feats. Metamagic Feats are also a toss-up for me. Transdimension Spell is SUPER flavorful, but I'm pretty sure I can't use it to fire back on the Material Plane while I'm Ethereal... which is lame. Maximize/Heighten are also ones I looked at, but seemed redundant with Empower. Possibly Twin or Chain looked decent, but wasn't sure which was more applicable to my character. Extraordinary Concentration looked cool, though I'm not sure how many spells I would take that it would apply to.

Also, there's a few holes in my Archmage High Arcanas... I wasn't sure if taking the Spellpower Upgrade was worth it... Mastery of the Elements (since I have so many Cold/Electricity Spells), or simply choosing another Spell-Like ability also seemed like solid choices.  

I'm also not sold on the idea of a Familiar (I much prefer my Archmage be a more... solitary kind of person), but I didn't see any Alternative Class Features that could rival the power and utility of a Familiar while still allowing my character to feel independent. Not to mention the Familiar can aid in Spellcraft Checks, which is nice for Incantatrix. The only other feature I am giving serious thought to is Eidetic Spellcast from Dragon 357; which basically allows me to learn and prepare Spells without the use of a Spellbook. I like it because it means I'll never have to worry about the damn thing being stolen, and I feel a little more... prodigious. If anyone has any better suggestions, however, I'm open to them. 

Book-Wise, my DM will pretty much allow us to use any source material as long as it's Wizards and we have a copy of it to reference and proof. So feel free to propose idea from Non-Core supplements.

Thanks in advance for all your help, guys.
Also, what is everyones opinions of Versatile Spellcaster for Preperation-Style Casters? I figure with Spontaneous Divination, Alacritious Cogitation, and Versatile Spellcaster I pretty much have a huge boost to my versatility and on-the-fly casting capability... but maybe the feats are a little redundant? Then again, I can easily do away with Spell Penetration for such a bonus (as I'm still getting +1 from Archmage, and could get another with a Third Eye Penetrate for my Face Slot).
EDIT: Didn't realize I was using the actual Wizard-style feat progression table, granting WAY more feats than I would be allowed. Adjusted the table to give me the correct number of feats.
Amazed you took Empower over Twin Spell. Twin Spell and Persistent Spell are the top two metas in the game, wtih Quicken Spell coming in right behind.

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^ Thank you, Aelryinth! This is the kind of stuff I need to know. Noted. :D
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