No Soon and other Spin

One thing for sure that I don't want to see with 5E, WoTC answer us with Soon. Or any other Spin.

Don't say Soon. If something is at the point where you are talking about it, you don't have to nail down an exact date, but at least some time frame reference. Beacuse Soon in the past has been from a few days, to 6 months.

Yeah, you've been burned in the past. But only because you failed. Yes, people can be extremely unreasonable, even if you say, we are looking at the end of _____ month for this to come out. There will always be people that assume everything, even a rough estimate, means it's written in stone, that's never going away. But talk to us as if we are all reasonable people.

But you played your hand to close after you failed, and it often blew up in your face. You are just going to have to learn how to communicate better. You may feel you've gotten better, but there's a long way to go.

No product or feature is going to get it's plug pulled when it's 80% ready to go, unless something drastic happens. So the whole, we don't want to talk about something till we are 99% sure it's ready to go, you can probally ease up on when you talk about something. Maybe not at 80%, but say 85-90%?

Don't put spins on anything. That's nothing but a game of semantics, and it's beneath everyone. Don't say, at the time we had planned, but plans change. It's an empty statement. You can't prove it was true anymore then we can prove it was a lie. Yes, sure plans do actually change. But saying plans change all the time, turns it into a convient way to BS your customers.

Follow through, and in a timely manner. 4E had a lot of stuff that we were told about, that ended up being way later, or never happening.

lets just take two examples. New character sheets in the CB, and digital formats for rule books other then PDFs. Neither happened. But for years, you said Soon, on our list, maybe in a few months, we are looking into it.

Hey, if it doesn't happen soon, it most likely is never going to happen, because it's not really near the top of the list. Any given list of things you want to do, only the top 5-10 really matter, because that's about as much time and resources you will have to make anything happen.

5E gives you a fresh start on the game. Why not use it try and improve communication and customer relationships?

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I'll second that.
And don't come up with a new term to replace SoonTM
And don't come up with a new term to replace SoonTM

I second that!!
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