DMG 3... This needs to happen before 5e....

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New edition or not, I have been waiting for this book. Im going to be irritated if it doesnt come out... does anyone know anything about it?
Oh, I agree with you I just don't see it happening unless it was in the final stages of developement already.
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I do not see the DMG 3 on the release schedule and I havent heard of it being worked on, where did you hear it was in the works?
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never going to happen
You are expecting them to understand epic tier, when in the past they have admitted they do not.
I really think that the Chris Perkins articles (which are very good) are the closest that we'll get to a DMG3.
Never going to happen. WotC has clearly abandoned all but the most minimal support for epic tier. They've said in the past that they see very few players in the tier so they'd be very reluctant to put out a book that caters to such a small audience. My guess is that their data from online CB shows them that only a few people are playing in epic.

The best we can hope for is a lengthy Dungeon article or two that helped explain how to run an epic tier campaign. I'd also love to see one more full length epic tier adventure that showcases the best features of epic tier.

In the perfect world we'd see some more epic monsters. And not just solos, we need some meat and potatoes epic tier standard monsters that actually represent some kind of a threat, and something that is not demon/devil/undead.

Alas, epic had so much promise early on but has been neglected so badly that few people want to play there. Personally I love it and think it is the most solid version of epic play that has ever been released in the history of D&D.
I imagine we will see some epic support through DDI.  I'd be surprised if a DMG 3 was released but I hope they will treat the end of 4th edition like how they did 3rd; was Elder Evils the name of the book that they released that had campaign ending villains in it?

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