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hey guys,

my question is about this magical item, "Shield of Eyes Light Shield" and its property. its says that give +1 AC to opp. attacks (equal bonus to shields bonus), but it doesnt appear on builder's character sheet on "contitional bonuses".
and one more thing; the "blade and buckler duelist" feat that increase the shield defences bonus to +2 apllys to the property of the "shield of the eyes"(+2 to opp. attacks)??
I'm not certain what your question is about the Shield of Eyes.

I can't answer your question about the feat, because not only am I also not certain what this question is either, but I don't have access to that feat (it being DDi exclusive content). 
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1: Use a pencil.  The CB is notoriously buggy, particularly with niche things like this.

2: Depends on the wording - if the Shield of Eyes is 'bonus to AC vs Opportunity attack equal to shied bonus' then it works.  If it's +1 bonus to AC', it doesn't.
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Rule of thumb:

If you are looking for auto-math on a situational bonus, expect the CB to not do it at all.

And yes, the feat and Shield of Eyes work together.  The feat increases the shield bonus to +2, and Shield of Eyes adds a bonus vs OAs equal to the shield bonus.
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good news then, thanx guys