Help me make a golem that toss players in 4e

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I'm planning on making a golem that is fast and strong for the story. Basically what the golem do is that he punch so hard and fast that he can keep a player up in the air.

The story behind these guys is that they were created by a powerful alchemist long time ago. They were created for war, but the war never happen. Because the creator is dead, these war machines are mal-function and loose. They repeat only these words follow by repeating his name over again.

Golem: *creator name* said that you're really going to destroy. *creator name*! *creator name*!

The golem size can large or huge( The huge is going to be the BBEG).  

Here a list of powers I want him to do

1. Airless Fury: Standerd Action: The golem grabs the player and toss him above his head and launch a barrage of punches to keep him in the air. The player is stun and can make a fort save to get out of the move.

I was thinking to make 3 attack rolls vs AC, if he succeeds in all three rolls then the attack works and the player takes only damage from one attack(threat all 3 attacks as one). If the golem only succeed with one roll, then the player only 1/3 of the attack rounded down. 

2. Flying Toss: Standerd Action: The golem grabs player, toss him in the air, and then slam him arcoss the air.

This is basically a grapple follow by slam combine with bullrush. 

3. Flying Kick: Full Round Action: The golem grabs player, punch him hard up in the air, follow by a kick that is going to send him flying across the room. 

A grapple, a slam combine with bull rush, and a kick(slam) combine with bull rush. 

The whole point of these powers is to make the party say," Where did the tank go?"

What level and type are these guys going to be? Are they low level Elites or high level Standards?

Most of the attacks are fairly straight forward, mechanically. The first is basically a Stun attack that should probably keep the Golem occupied as well. Perhaps make it like this:

Airless Fury:
+X vs AC; YdZ+A damage and the Golem makes a secondary attack:
  +X vs Fort; the target is stunned (save ends or until not sustained)
Sustain standard: The target remains stunned until it saves

That gives you two attacks you need to make, one that deals damage and a fort defense. The golem will also remain busy keeping the target up, until the target makes a save and can escape.

Flying toss is mostly just a big damaging push. You can borrow one from aonther creature, like the Troll. You can even make him throw creatures into each other.

The Flying Kick is basically the same, except it should probably be an Encounter power if it's the more powerful version.
Flying toss:
+X vs Fort; YdZ+A damage and the target is pushed 6 squares and knocked prone. Any enemies adjacent to the target take 10 damage.

If you give a level and type I can whip up the whole thing for you.
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Might be too early, but let's start with iron golem lv 10. I can always adjust it later on. 
The Brohg Hurler from the DSCC throws PCs at other PCs. It just needs to be modified to grab and hurl more often.

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"Pushed X squares and takes xd10 falling damage" is a throw.
Wait, "Full Round Action"... Nvm, 3.5, I'm pretty much useless here... 


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