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Hi all - 

Had the absolute worst experience tonight on VTT - the lag time on it was positively horrible.  Since I was the only one in the group experiencing the problem, I have to assume it was something at my end. 

I had everything off - antivirus, nothing else other than bare essentials running.  CPU was at 1% and memory used was 3.35GB of 16.  The primary symptoms were:

choppy and unintelligible audio (I heard them, often choppy, they rarely heard me, mostly messy)

Chat I typed in took several seconds to register with them, took MANY seconds to return to the chat window for me to see I'd typed in something.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Can you clue me in on what I might be missing?

Thanks -

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No clue. Usually people lagging have their CPU busy elsewhere downloads etc...but yours seemed okay.

It is the first time this happen ? Did you installed a new Java or changed Internet (IE8 to IE9 etc..) ?

Tried clearing cache files and rebooth ? Also, try running the VT on different Internet browser and see if it lag...

Also, you can try contact CustServ for assistance wizards.custhelp.com/app/ask

First time - I had been running prior with this group without issue, but last time we played was three weeks ago.  Had the latest Java6 up, running Chrome.  

Didn't try it on another browser, will give that a shot next go-round.  Also going to check my connectivity and see if there isn't some issue with the basic wiring.  


Yeah. I did just kill your BBEG with a vorpal frisbee. Problem?
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