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mpdc2.gifWho: Everyone, especially you!
What: All-commons Standard PDC tournament
When: Monday, January 9th, 2012
Registration opens at 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT (Not sure about your time zone?)
Round 1 starts approximately 30 minutes after registration opens
Where: Casual - Anything Goes room, /join MPDC
Why: To have fun, compete, win fortune and get famous
Cost: Absolutely free
Host: gwyned
Season 15 Master Document: here (contains all important information you should know before entering the event).
Special note: Any particular event will be cancelled if no more than 8 players register.


  • 1st: $7 gift certificate to MTGOTraders

  • 2nd: $4 gift certificate to MTGOTraders

  • Top 4: $2 gift certificate to MTGOTraders

  • Top 8: 4 cards from the MPDC Prize Pool (current cards in the pool can be viewed here).

  • Door Prize: Foil¬†Brimstone Volley (only players that don't make it to the Top 8 and don't drop until the end of the Swiss rounds may be chosen to receive this prize.)

Players will choose prizes from the list in order given by their standings.
NOTE: In order to receive the prize coupons from MTGOTRADERS, the Top 4 players should PM the host with their valid e-mail address to issue a coupon to. Failure to do so will forfeit the winners' eligibility for the coupons.
NOTE 2: The Top 8 players are required to submit their decklists into Gatherling or post them as a response to this event thread in order to receive their prizes. The deadline for this is 48 hours following the event (Jan. 11, 2pm EST /6pm GMT).
Donations are always welcome -- PM gwyned on MTGO.  Big "thank you" goes to all members who donated the prizes.

Tournament Rules
A. Registration, Reporting, and Drops

  • All regular season events are open to anyone and everyone! Just type /join mpdc.

  • Once in /join mpdc, players will be directed to /join mpdccom to register (type 'reg') and to report results and drops.

  • Please keep both channels open for the duration of the tournament.

  • Pairings and standings will be posted in this thread, so please keep it open in your browser during the event as well.

  • Players desiring to drop from the tournament must type "DROP" in the mpdccom room chat window.

  • Drops must be reported! This makes the tournament much smoother and more fun for players and host alike!

  • Latecommers can't be registered unless the host decides otherwise.

B. Deck Construction

  • Standard format (Magic 2012; Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Beseiged, and New Phyrexia; Innistrad; versions of Standard cards from earlier sets are allowed as proxies).

  • PDC rules (black expansion symbol commons only; cards that were uncommon in earlier sets but are now common in Standard are allowed as proxies - this does not work the other way round).

  • Deck must remain the same throughout the tournament; failure to do so will result in tournament DQ.

  • Showing up with a illegal deck will get you a matchloss once discovered. Illegal cards need to be swapped for basic lands before the next round.

C. Tournament Structure

  • The number of Swiss rounds and Finals cutoffwill be determined by the number of players:

    • With less than 18 players, we will play three rounds of Swiss followed by a Top 4 cutoff.

    • With 18 players or more, we will play three rounds of Swiss followed by a Top 8 cutoff.

    • With 24 players or more, we will play four rounds of Swiss before a Top 8 cutoff

    • With 33 players or more, we will play five rounds of Swiss before a Top 8 cutoff.

    • With 50 players or more, we will play six rounds of Swiss before a Top 8 cutoff.

    • With 64 players or more,we will play seven rounds of Swiss before a Top 8 cutoff.

  • Rounds consist of 60-minute timed "best 2-out-of-3 games" matches (choose 30 minutes event timer).

  • Matches are played in the Casual Play > Anything Goes room.

  • All matches must be watchable and labeled "MPDC X.XX Round Y", where X.XX is the event ID (season number + dot + event number) and Y is the current round; or "MPDC X.XX Top 8"; or "MPDC X.XX Top 4"; or "MPDC X.XX Finals". It is the responsibility of both players to ensure matches are set up correctly.

  • We are here to play and have fun. Intentional draws (IDs) are not allowed.

  • If a player is not available to start the match within 10 minutes of pairing announcements, that player forfeits a match. Please, PM your opponent if he or she is not showing up in a timely fashion.

  • After each match, both players are required to post the match results in the MPDCCOM channel according to this example (pick an appropriate line): W 2-0 W 2-1 L 0-2 L 1-2 You can include any additional information (like "my opponent didn't show up on time" or "drop"), but please, be brief to keep the MPDCCOM channel lucid.

  • If your opponent lost because his timer reached zero, your score becomes 2-0 (if your opponent didn't win any game) or 2-1 (if your opponent won one game).

  • Should one or more matches still be ongoing one hour after the Pairing Announcement for that round, the host will issue a 5 minute warning within each such match. If these games are still ongoing after this period, the host reserves the right to declare those matches a draw and immediately end the round. This will not be automatic and is purely at the discretion of the host.

D. Season Points & Power Rankings
You will be awarded:

  • 3 points for each win

  • 2 points for each bye

  • 1 point for each loss

Players are required to post their decklists before the next MPDC event or forfeit points earned in this event. Posting your list can be done either in Gatherling or as a reply to the this event thread. Please note that posting your deck in Gatherling is preferred. Ensure your deck has been submitted correctly, if your decklist is incomplete, you could forfeit your points!

Also, please note that the player with the most Season Points at the end of the season will be awarded a single pack of the newest set.

E. Season Championship

  • Cut-off for the Championship is 40 players (based on the Season Points). The host may elect to invite additional players at his discretion.

  • This Seasons Championship (Worlds) is scheduled for Monday, February 20th, 2012 at 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT.

  • Details will be posted on the Season Championship event thread.

F. Player Conduct Guidelines

  • Players are expected to follow widely-accepted PDC Community guidelines for conduct to maintain a fair and civil playing environment.

  • Watchers are expected not to chat in other games.

  • Watchers must respect the wishes of players.

  • Players are expected to only use the MPDCCOM chat window for posting results.

  • Slow-rolling, bribery, and dropping without notifying the host will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disciplinary action.

  • Players are requested to contact the host via private messaging to report a concern regarding player conduct.

  • The host reserves the right to use widely-accepted disciplinary measures to enforce these guidelines.

  • The host is not responsible for making judgments based on game play situations. The host will not enter a match table and tell players what to do. The host is a facilitator, not a judge.

G. MTGO Crashes & Cancelled Events

  • In the event of a server crash or other technical difficulty with MTGO, the tournament will be suspended for no more than one hour total.

  • In the case of multiple server crashes, if the tournament is within 15 minutes of reaching the one hour suspension-time limit, the final tournament suspension will be 15 minutes.

  • This thread will be used for tournament communication during the tournament suspension.

  • Once the technical difficulties have ended, an announcement will be made on this thread, and players will have 10 minutes to rejoin the tournament.

  • If the tournament is cancelled during the first four rounds, then no prizes will be awarded and they will roll into the prize pool for the next event.

  • If the tournament is cancelled after round four, prizes will be awarded according to the current standings.

  • In any crash situation, stay tuned to this thread for official announcements from the host.

All decisions made by the host are final. The host is ultimately held accountable for successes and failures by the PDC Community. Positive and constructive feedback is appreciated via Wizards Boards private messaging. Thanks to Polyjak and Tusker for their work on the basis of these Tournament Rules.

New Player and Deck Entry/Gatherling FAQ
A. New Player FAQ

So you are here for the first time and don't know what to do? Don't worry; here is a short summary of usual events during an event:

  • Type "/join mpdccom" and "/join mpdc" in any chat window on MTGO to go to the mpdc and the mpdccom chat rooms.

  • In the mpdc room, announcements will be made and you can chat with fellow players. The mpdccom room is reserved for posting registrations, drops and match results. Please don't post anything else there.

  • In the mpdccom room, you should post a message "reg" to register yourself playing in the event. You can do this one half hour before the event starts.

  • After registration has ended, pairings for all future rounds will be posted on this thread.

  • Both players need to post a message with the results in the mpdccom room after the match has ended. Do this by typing something of the form "W 2-1".

  • After the event, post your deck list as a response to this thread or on Gatherling (see below). This rule is strictly enforced! Post your list within one week or you will lose all points won in this event.

  • For any problems or unclarities, contact the host.

Looking for even more details? Check out the MPDC New Player Primer, located here.

B. Deck Entry/Gatherling FAQ

Deck Entry: Deck entry for this week can be done until next week's MPDC:

  • Go to the MTGO deck editor and load your deck.

  • Click the save button and save your deck as a text (.txt) file.

  • Open the text file with a text editor and copy your list.

  • Post the list as a response to this thread or in Gatherling (see below).

  • Done!


  • Gatherling is a PDC event and deck database that can be found here. All events and the players that played in those events (with their decks) are listed there.

  • To post your deck in Gatherling you will have to have played in an event.

  • If this is your first PDC event, you will have to wait until the host has updated Gatherling with the attending players, usually after first round pairings. After this has happened you can register your MTGO username, which will create your own profile.

  • On the profile screen (the one you see after logging in) you can view all decks/events you played with/in. Just press a deck and copy your list into the different entry boxes. Done!

Wizards of the Coast, Magic Online and boards administrators do not provide any support for this event. Participate at your own risk. Check the PRE FAQ for other questions and answers.