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Basically I was thinking about ways to combine Swiftblade and Jade Phoenix mage. Now it seems to me that although crusader makes a better entry to the JPM PrC, it'd be better to do such a thing as a Swordsage for the boost abilities with the hasted swiftblade.

 So far this it what I have:

Spell Shield (Dungeonscape) Battle Sorcerer 4/Sword Sage 3/JPM 3/Swiftblade 9/Swordsage 1

Flaw: Expeditious Dodge
Flaw: Extend Spell
Human: Persistant Spell
Level 1: Mobility
Level 3: Practical Metamagic (Persistant Spell)
Level 6: Metamagic School focus (Trans)
Level 9: Arcane Thesis (haste)

 It just doesn't work, the only way I can see making this work is by going as an Illumian, and finding a way to get turn attempts... any ideas? Persisting haste, whilst being able to use martial maneuvers is the aim. 

Maybe I should just gestalt swordsage/Battle sorc + swiftblade lol 
Incantatrix 3 maybe. If you get enought Spellcraft you can persist 3+Int spells. 
There are a couple of far easier, though some are more expensive, ways to pull this off.  All 3 listed here use Cerebremetamagic from Dragon 349 (why is this so good?  It essentially uses a spell slot of the spells' normal level, and allows you to buy off the adjustment with 2x the PP.  This means you pay a 3rd level slot as normal to cast Haste, and then 12 PP to persist it.), though it is easier to demonstrate on a wizard.  Here's example 1:

Wiz 6/Martial Adept 1/Swiftblade 3/JPM 3/Abjurant Champion 5/Dragonslayer 1/Spellsword 1(or any full casting class 2)
Flaw 1: Expeditious Dodge
Flaw 2: Hidden Talent (Elfsight)
Human: Psionic Talent
Lv 1: Mobility
Lv 3: Extend Spell
Lv 5: Persistant Spell
Lv 6: Azure Talent
Lv 9: Open Lesser Chakra (Crown)
Lv 12: Combat Casting
Lv 15: Bonus Essentia, Iron Will (Otyugh Hole)
Lv 18: Cerebremetamagic (Persistant Spell)

Granted, this version could only pull off persisting haste once per day at 18th level, but you can do it.

Version 2 uses Cog crystals instead of feats, but you get to cast persist ~5-6ish.  So it becomes money and persisting once in a while vs. feats and persisting haste every day at higher levels.

I can't think of any way to persist spontanious spells beyond use of Trapsmith from Dungeonscape:

Rogue 1/Martial Adept 2/Psy War 2/Rogue +1/Warmind 3/Trapsmith 1/JPM 3/Swiftblade 6/Dragonslayer 1
This build use all of the PP in 1 shot to pesist haste, but since Trapsmith only has 5 levels of casting, the lost CL isn't an issue.

Hope this helps.
Yeah I'd completely missed the 'sudden casting' ability, so suddenly (hehe) persisting haste seems a little pointless, as you can already chuck it up for nothing.

 If that's the case, then I suppose the feats could be devoted to making a better martial/caster hybrid with the swiftblade. Maybe picking up some other useful tricks via feats?

 Thanks though, but since it can use haste as a free action it makes it so much easier just to not worry about persisting the spell.

 Hmmm, I want at least 6 levels of swiftblade, preferably 9 to get the extra action ability. I'd imagine pure blaster caster's love that....

 Is there a way to put haste on the warmage's spell list? Because they can pump their caster level with practiced spellcaster and then just go to town on things with two evocations a round :P

 Obviously better with non-specific casters... so sorc/wiz. But ya know
Only Wizards can take 9 levels of Swiftblade and not lose 9th level spells, as Swiftblade loses casting at 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th levels.  So yeah, Blaster Wizards love the extra actions, but spontanious casters are SOL.

As for puting Haste on a Warmages' spell list, yes, there is a way (two I can think of off the top of my head in fact, but only one is legal for the basis of qualifing for PrCs).  It's called Arcane Disciple from Complete Divine, as Haste is a spell on both the Celerity and Time Domains (Celerity 4 and Time 3 to be exact, according to the Spell Compendium).  I have no idea what Dieties offer those Domains, though, which is important as you need to be the Diety-in-questions' EXACT alignment.  (Personally, I think, for the purposes of Qualifing for Swiftblade, you should grab Celerity for the spells, plus the fact it gives you extra time to qualify, and use the Warmages' Advanced Learning to pick up a really good blasting spell).  After that, use a Drake-Helm from the Explorer's Handbook (it's part of the Eberron Campaign Setting Series) to get Haste on the Warmage class list at the level you want it.  This allows you to hold up to 4 spells and cast them (meaning ANY arcane spell) as if it were on you class list normally, even if it's on another list entirely(example: a Warmage wearing a Drake-helm could cast any Bard, Wiz/Sorc, etc. spells, even ones on A) specific Arcane caster lists or B) Divine spells cast as Arcane spells due to various effects, at the level they get the spells(example: Trapsmiths get Haste as a first level Spell, have a Trapsmith cast haste into a prepared crystal, and now you can too)).  The downside is that the spells have to be cast on an attuned special crystal and, depending on the design, the helm can only hold up to 4 crystals at a time.  This means you're probably going to have a bag of Crystals containing the spells you want to cast at any given time, and it takes a move action to change them out (up side is that no one else can change the Crystals while the helm is your posession, just you).

Of course, you realize that since both the JPM and the SB lose a CL at first level you can't get both classes Level 6 abilities at the same time and still get 9th level spells, right?  It boils down to either Lv. 3 of both classes or 6 levels of one and none of the other.  Give me some time to get you a decent build to demonstrate this.
I never said I was bothered about 9th level spells to be fair. I never have been, in fact I dislike all of them apart from Shapechange. Far too powerful, plus we ban a lot of them... gate comes to mind right away lol.

 It's optimizing the Swiftblade/JPM as best as possible. Problem is that the 9th level ability is awesome, though Wizards as Swiftblades could be pretty cool as anything really... maybe conjurer's :p mistake.  Usually people want 9th level spells, so I assumed you wanted them.  Some of them seem pretty cool (Iceberg from Frostburn, Earthmaster from Spell Compendium, stuff like that.  Never played in a group that got to 9th level spells though, so I'll take your word for it), but I can see why many are banned.

That said, I will try to get a new build out sometime this week incorperating this new info.  Though I would like to know if you want your caster spontanious or prepared (aka Sorc-like or Wiz-like)?
I've been toying with a similar idea (Swiftblade / JPM), though I was going to use Warblade.  Build seems a little MAD, however:

Battle Sorc 6 / Swiftblade 6 / Warblade 1 / JPM 6 / Warblade +1

7th level maneuvers and spells, 18 BAB, and a host of other goodies. 
Well I think Battle Sorcerer is better for the build, as it has the BAB to support a gish-type caster. Ultimately the extra actions are going to come down to casting later on, so haste as a free action (As per swiftblade) into Divine Power (Via Arcane Disciple: War). Now my thoughts are that maybe it'd be better to qualify for JPM via feats, lower initiator level I know, but that'd let me fuel myself with more spell power... though realistically higher level maneuvres are the major, I'd quite like some of the boosts that Desert Wind gets.

 Also Warblade? Do you mean Crusader? Because that's a nice way of doing it, just I'd prefer Desert Wind over Devoted Spirit

 Ah yeah there are the cool 9th levels, but most people want wish, miracle, shapechange, gate etc.
You could use Crusader, I chose Warblade initially because a friend and I were talking about a Warblade / JPM the other day.

Then it evolved into JPM / Swiftblade...