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Every time I want to look at an entry in the Compendium, it asks me to login. I'm not resetting my browser at all, and I'm still logged in. What's going on here?
It's a bug.  Workaround is to go to the main wizards.com/dnd page and login there, then it'll work fine.
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That would be great, except for the fact that I'm already logged in on the main site. I was confused about having to log in in the first place and having to keep doing it is a little irritating.
Log out, then back in.

Really, what are you looking for, here?  It's a bug, and I gave you a workaround.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
It's cool. I wasn't necessarily looking for a workaround (though I appreciate it). It was something I noticed, and wanted to get the word out there in case this was a common thing so that those who are able to do something about can. I also wanted to put it out there that I was already logged in just in case that was important info.

Additionally, it doesn't seem to matter all that much since the D&D site won't let me log out. 
The "log in" issue you describe has been around as long as I've been browsing these forums (about 2+ years).  It's not new.  Anyone who's been here a while will give you the same work around, and I doubt it will ever get fixed.
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