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This thread is for discussion of this week's Draft Simulator, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.


P1p1 - thats a lot of power in the first pack. Shock, doom blade, jade mage and garruks horde
are all perfectly playable cards. I decide to take the spot removal of doom blade.
P1p2 - Hmmmm , time for some choosing. Chasm drake is good, alabaster mage too but there's
also a blood ogre and bloodthirst is some good in M12. I decide to once again try my luck
on a bloodthirst or otherwise very aggressive R/B deck for now. Blood ogre it is.
P1p3 - Goblin arsonist and fireslinger are excellent enablers but consumer spirit is
another perfect damage or removal tool, I take consume spirit here
P1p4 - Underwhelming pack, child of night
P1p5 - Zombie goliath
P1p6 - Interesting choice here. Tutor effects are good but it's too slow for the deck I want to build
Goblin grenade can be some good but I dont have any goblins (yet). Gravedigger can be really good. So do I take
the solid gravekeeper pick or do I take a chance and pick the grenade as it is still quite early in the picks?
I think I would advise people to take the solid pick but I am gonna gamble and take the grenade
P1p7 - Vampire outcasts , brilliant card for what I want
P1p8 - Hideous visage (can be good in sideboard against defense players)
P1p9 - Tormented soul, nice first turn bloodthirst enabler
P1p10 - Duskhunter bat , nice second turn flyer
P1p11 - Goblin arsonist , first goblin for the grenade and another enabler
P1p12 - Personal sanctuary , its rare
P1p13 - Gladecover scout , hexproof is scarier then gain 3 life
P1p14 - Angel's mercy
P1p15 - Plains

Well, that seems to working out for me. Good removal in doom blade and consume spirit, quality bloodthirst creatures
and even goblin grenade could well make it into the deck. Let's hope some gorehorn minotaurs come flying by :D

P2p1 - Auch, all the other colors get real good quality cards and nothing really for R/B. So in this case I am gonna draft something off color
but which one to choose? Mind control is quality, so is the sphinx and the dungrove elder is too. Considering the deck I want to make I quickly decide to pass the sphinx so the choice for me
is between mind control or dungrove elder. Mind control could rather swing the board (especially if a gorehorn minotaur would be controlled) and dungrove elder is only big if my opponent actually manages
to get to a lot of forests (I hope to outrace that) so I draft mind control
P2p2 - Now this is better, but now to choose between fireslinger, bloodrage vampire and blood ogre. 3/3 first strike is just too good to pass up, I take blood ogre.
P2p3 - Dragonskull summit , mana development is important and with the consume spirit I also have this will make mana considerations much easier.
P2p4 - Warpath ghoul
P2p5 - Hmmm, once again faced with a choice between bloodrage vampire, blood ogre and a third card (the bat). I once again take the ogre, three times 3/3 first strikers is gonna make my opponent have fits I guess :P
P2p6 - Lava axe could make it in as a finisher
P2p7 - Nothing good for me here, I hatedraft that aether adept
P2p8 - Once again nothing brilliant in R/B , allready got two good blue cards, I take ponder
P2p9 - Coral merfolk
P2p10 - Titanic growth
P2p11 - Ponder
P2p12 - Llanowar elves
P2p13 - Dragons claw
P2p14 - Fog
P2p15 - Swamp

Right, some nice cards in the first half of the pack, nothing I wanted in the second part, pack 3 is gonna have to deliver some more cards otherwise I will have trouble filling out to 40.

P3p1 - Onyx mage , 2/1 for 2 and deathtouch versatility, nice
P3p2 - I dont have a goblin deck, wring flesh is good (passing obi ring is painfull though)
P3p3 - Bloodrage vampire (I surely have enough power on the 3 mana slot now)
P3p4 - But then again, another blood ogre makes this 4 and more like a constructed deck
I think someone in white is going to be happy after passing obi ring, lawkeeper and pacifism in a row
P3p5 - Drifting shade
P3p6 - Combust , I have seen what I passed to white
P3p7 - Goblin piker might actually quite worthwhile in my deck, some needed fill in the two mana slot and to make grenade worthwhile
P3p8 - O yeah, goblin arsonist
P3p9 - Taste of blood
P3p10 - Disentomb
P3p11 - turn to frog
P3p12 - Zombie infestation
P3p13 - Elite vanguard
P3p14 - Merfolk mesmerist
P3p15 - Mountain

Hmmmm, started out strong in pack 1 but kinda fizzled out. Seemed a bit weird in the draft, pack 1 seems to favor B/R, then it seems to want to push me towards green or blue and then pack 3 seems to make white favorable
I decided to stick to my colors to actually have something playable but am gonna go through the draft again to see if for instance blue/white would have been better

Round 1:
Doom Blade
Blood Ogre
Consume Spirit
Child of Night
Zombie Goliath
Goblin Grenade
Vampire Outcasts
Hideous Visage
Tormented Soul
Duskhunter Bat
Goblin Arsonist
Personal Sanctuary
Gladecover Scout
Angel's Mercy

Round 2:
Mind Control
Blood Ogre
Dragonskull Summit
Warpath Ghoul
Blood Ogre
Lava Axe
Aether Adept
Coral Merfolk
Titanic Growth
Llanowar Elves
Dragon's Claw

Round 3:
Onyx Mage
Wring Flesh
Bloodrage Vampire
Blood Ogre
Drifting Shade
Goblin Piker
Goblin Arsonist
Taste of Blood
Turn to Frog
Zombie Infestation
Elite Vanguard
Merfolk Mesmerist


4x blood ogre
1x vampire outcasts
1x tormented soul
2x goblin arsonist
1x duskhunter bat
1x onyx mage
1x bloodrage vampire
1x drifting shade
1x goblin piker
1x child of night
1x zombie goliath
1x warpath ghoul

1x doom blade
1x consume spirit
1x wring flesh
1x goblin grenade
1x lava axe
1x disentomb

1x dragonskull summit
9x swamp
8x mountain
Like most people here, I went with the obvious signals and decided by pick 3 or 4 that I was going to be B/R bloodthirst.

But ouch...5 mythics at the table.  Fortunately we were cutting off the B/R player who snagged both the inferno titan and the fireball two slots to our left.  I just don't wanna know what's gonna happen against the U/W player who pulled both a frosty the snowman and jace 3.0.

Round 1:
Doom Blade  Barring mythics this is the best card in limited.
Duskhunter Bat cheap flyer, potential bloodthirst
Goblin Fireslinger okay, I know I'm going bloodthirst
Reassembling Skeleton cockroach
Goblin Piker cheap creature
Goblin Grenade already got two gobbos
Vampire Outcasts sweeeeeet
Taste of Blood meh, crap pack, probably won't end up playing this
Tormented Soul nice enabler
Goblin Bangchuckers another potential enabler...but I won't use it unless I have to
Goblin Arsonist yeeeesssss
Personal Sanctuary rare draft
Gladecover Scout whoop de doo. 
Angel's Mercy bleh
Plains whatevs

Round 2:
Mind Control hate draft...though looking at Falcon_UK's picks, I think he's right that the timely reinforcements is the better hate draft for our deck
Blood Ogre our bloodthirst deck needs more bloodthirst creatures
Dragonskull Summit color fixing, oh yes
Warpath Ghoul meh.
Duskhunter Bat niiiice.
Lava Axe finisher
Taste of Blood possible enabler, but meh.
Firebreathing  This is painful on a flier/unblockable, of which I already have 3. =D
Wall of Torches meh
Titanic Growth hate draft
Titanic Growth hate draft
Llanowar Elves whatevs
Flight whatevs
Fog whatevs
Swamp whatevs

Round 3:
Swiftfoot Boots hasty bloodthirsters
Goblin Chieftain 'nother gobbo for the grenade. nice lord too
Gravedigger solid pick
Blood Ogre more bloodthirst
Drifting Shade I giggled at the thought of this witha  firebreathing on it
Chandra's Outrage O.O  YOINK!
Goblin Piker cheap gobbo
Goblin Arsonist sweet enabler
Goblin Tunneler niiiiiice
Disentomb possibility
Turn to Frog hate draft
Buried Ruin sure why not, I got boots.
Firebreathing sure I'll take a second copy
Merfolk Mesmerist whatevs
Mountain whatevs

Creatures (16)

Non-Creatures (7)
1x Doom Blade
1x Goblin Grenade
1x Lava Axe
2x Firebreathing
1x Swiftfoot Boots
1x Chandra's Outrage

Lands (17)
1x Dragonskull Summit
1x Buried Ruin
8x Mountain
7x Swamp

Hmmm....all my finishing power is in my non-creatures.  Oh well.


From Mark Rosewater's Tumblr: the0uroboros asked: How in the same set can we have a hexproof, unsacrificable(not a word) creature AND a land that makes it uncounterable. How does this lead to interactive play? I believe I’m able to play my creature and you have to deal with it is much more interactive than you counter my creature.


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MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green). He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one." I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago."


MaRo: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

Garruk's Horde
Greater Basilisk
Gladecover Scout
Gladecover Scout
Grand Abolisher
Roc Egg
Pride Guardian
Dungrove Elder
Sacred Wolf
Llanowar Elves
Peregrine Griffin
Elite Vanguard

Spirit Mantle
Swiftfoot Boots
Oblivion Ring
Celestial Purge
Titanic Growth
Titanic Growth
Titanic Growth
Elixir of Immortality
Divine Favor

If I may be so bold Pynix, you appear to be rather new to deck construction/drafting.
Some pointers:

When constructing your draft deck you should look for the following ratios:
~16 creatures
~7 non-creatures
~17 lands

In a more generalized manner you should try to have approximately the same number of creature spells as you do lands and about half the number of non-creatures spells.  Why didn't I go 16-8-16 then?  That's just a fine tuning tweak and it depends on how expensive the cards your running end up being.  You're trying to cast Garruk's Horde so I would go 17 lands (even with the Llanowar Elves).

In general life gain isn't a very good strategy unless it's tacked on to some other form of offense or useful utility, or the life gain is in large quantities.  Here are some examples (that didn't necessarily show up in the draft, although some of them did):
Good Life Gain
Alabaster Mage
Consume Spirit This is actually mostly awesome because it can kill creatures, the life gain here is just a side benefit (a good side benefit, but a side benefit none the less).  Of course the catch to this guy is that you NEED to run heavy black in order for it to be useful.
Sorin Markov see Consume Spirit.  And that's just for Sorin's first ability.  Planeswalkers are insane toolboxes.

Mediocre Life Gain
Lifelink This is only mediocre because auras are inherently flawed and need to be REALLY powerful in order to be worth it.
Brindle Boar The only reason this is not Bad is because there is a creature attached to it
Child of Night creature is not quite large enough to be considered "good" life gain
Druidic Satchel  It's 3 effects are all mediocre on their own b/c they are random.  But this card is actually fairly solid over all, just not strictly for its life gain.
Elixir of Immortality  When the graveyard shuffling is useful, this is good, when the graveyard shuffing is not useful, this is underwhelming.

Bad Life Gain
Divine Favor
Angel's Feather
Demon's Horn
Dragon's Claw
Kraken's Eye
Wurm's Tooth
Bountiful Harvest
Angel's Mercy  Yes it's a lot of life, but it's too expensive to cast
Pride Guardian combining a small defender with life gain does not a good card make

That's enough life gain examples.

My last point I'm going to make (which you actually seem to have picked up on anyway, but I'm going to reemphasize it) is that creature removal is VERY important in draft.
Doom Blade
Oblivion Ring

Some creatures are just so annoying or powerful, that they really just need to die.  And a fair number of those creatures refuse to enter creature combat (like gideon's lawkeeper).  Or those creatures are just so fantastically huge (like a bloodthirsted carnage wurm) that the only way to really deal with them is to either mass block them and lose 3-4 creatures or you can get rid of them with a single spell.

There are a lot more things to know about draft and deck construction in general, but this should help point you in the right direction.

Oh and while I'm here:
3x Titanic Growth
1x Elixir of Immortality

remove the *s to get


From Mark Rosewater's Tumblr: the0uroboros asked: How in the same set can we have a hexproof, unsacrificable(not a word) creature AND a land that makes it uncounterable. How does this lead to interactive play? I believe I’m able to play my creature and you have to deal with it is much more interactive than you counter my creature.


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MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green). He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one." I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago."


MaRo: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

Round 1:
Doom Blade(Cheap removal is always good, don't really like many of the other cards in the pack)
Duskhunter Bat(Bloodthirsty black flier, no complaints here)
Devouring Swarm(A flier, bit heavy on the black, but nothing else drew my eye)
Reassembling Skeleton(Great blocker, removal doesn't work well on it)
Blood Seeker(Looks like i'm mono black at this point.)
Diabolic Tutor(In case I get a bomb later)
Devouring Swarm(Mono black flier.  Can be good.)
Merfolk Mesmerist(These guys are annoying, not much else I want)
Stormfront Pegasus(Fairly solid card and not one i want to play against as far as early beaters go.)
Blood Seeker(Nothing else I really liked.)
Goblin Arsonist(Most of my creatures only have 1 toughness.  Arsonist is a good counterpick)
Personal Sanctuary(I like rares, nothing else relevant left in the pack)
Merfolk Mesmerist(Annoying, no other scary cards.)
Angel's Mercy(Only card left. junk.)

Round 2:
Mind Control(Best card in the pack, gives me a reason to look at blue.)
Bloodrage Vampire(Another black creature.)
Cancel(Good blue, not a card I want to see.)
Mana Leak(Great blue.  Definitely splashable)
Aether Adept(Decent enough creature, can set up game wins and deal with threats. pseudo-removal)
Cancel(Looks like blue is definitely a good color for me.)
Aether Adept(Blue's the only color i've liked this pack.  pseudo-removal.)
Ponder(Amazing blue card. sets up a deck that otherwise is playing a very shoddy mana-base.  Trying to force black-blue.)
Divine Favor(Okay card.  Really nothing left in the pack at this point.)
Titanic Growth(I hate losing to this card.)
Ponder(Amazing.  Can't believe it's this late.)
Llanowar Elves(Decent card, nothing else left)
Flight(No good option)
Fog(Last card in pack)

Round 3:
Merfolk Mesmerist(Because blue mill is silly.)
Cancel(3 cancels? yes please.)
Divination(draw power.  no heavy cost requirements. solid.)
Skywinder Drake(Fairly strong agressive flier)
Mana Leak(2 mana leaks.  Sure, i'll play 5 counterspells)
Divination(More draw power.)
Hideous Visage(Meh.)
Spirit Mantle(I hate losing to this card, potential side board versus creature only decks)
Stave Off(meh.)
Ponder(Amazing. 3 ponders will make the deck run very well.)
Turn to Frog(Can be removal, nice little combat trick)
Roc Egg(Nothing good left. maybe a sideboard versus fast aggro)
Dark Favor(Great aggressive pump spell.)
Brink of Disaster(meh.)

Overall, a bit of a weird draft for me.  I liked where  I ended up, and I like my sideboard options against very aggressive decks.  Given that almost half the table had a titan, the mind control seems like a very serious win condition, and the plethora of removal and counterspells seems fairly solid, especially alongside the card draw.
Summary: B/U control, light on creatures, but heavy on control/removal.  Have fun with my recurring Colossus, 5 different recursion methods, 2 of which can recur multiple times potentially.

1st pick,1st pack:  All those options, but in the end removal is just too important, grabbing Doom blade, looks like Black is in my future today.
2,1: Lots of big hitters here, nothing truely awesome though, going evasion, staying in color with Duskhunter Bat.
3,1: Consume spirit looms too strong, removal or finisher seems right, although like the Goblin Fireslinger.
4,1: Oh man, several really tasty options: Removal in Ice Cage, always have creature in Reassembling Skeleton and Divination to gain edge.  Comes down to cage and Skele, Cage by a hair.
5,1: Not much to get excited over, surprise utility in Turn to Frog, mill in Merfolk Mesmerist or beef in Zombie Goliath. Grab Frog, more potential removal.
6,1: Lava Axe almost makes me want to splash red into this U/B control, but go with Gravedigger, hoping I find something I want to being up again.
7,1: Looks like I am heading toward a U/B control deck which makes Mind Rot an annoying option, Negate would be nice to stop annoying auras and boosts, but got with Vampire Outcasts cause I need creatures.
8,1: Starting to scrape the bottom I guess, Looks like Merfold Mesmerist fits best to deck so far.
9,1: I love Tormented Soul, but Amphin Cutthroat is decent 2/4 at this point, but got with the soul, ping you while I control.
10,1: Smallpox is an option at this point, but since I passed on Reassembling Skeleton before missing that combo, going with Blood Seeker.
11,1: Think about rare draft and ability to splash in some white with Glacial Fortress, but Disentomb looks good, go for white splash and the Fortress.
12,1: Rare and hate draft Personal Sanctuary
13,1: Gladecover Scout, 1/1 hexproof this late?  Nobody looking at auraed up G/W I guess. grab him.
14,1: Angel's Mercy, better than a land I guess.
15,1: Plains, was there any doubt it would be a land?

1st pick, 2nd pack: Dungrove Elder is tempting as it is an awesome card. Mind Control seems to fit better than Sphinx.
2,2: Another Goblin Fireslinger... bloodlust loves that, but I am going control, but I have recurssion from black, Crumbling Colossus.
3,2: 4 strong options for me: Ponder is awesome, said I love the soul before, and Wring Flesh can help remove threats, but Deathmark is cheap removal as most will have G or W.  Hoping one of those other 3 come back.
4,2: Mana Leak is by far best U/B option, but almost grab Elves because extra mana production can really speed along my control options. Carnage Wurm makes me pause too, he is a beast.
5,2: Possible removal in Wring Flesh or Creature in Duskhunter Bat... tight, but creatures win eventually in draft, grab bat.
6,2: Nice cards for other colors here, but Cancel fits control. up to 2 counterspells.
7,2: Several options here, but do I grab Aether Adept to change tempo or Brink of Disaster to control/remove.  Adept pulls double duty for win.
8,2: Quicksilver Amulet makes me wish I grabbed a big beater from green before, but going with power of Ponder.
9,2: Disentomb for my Crumbling Colossus, thank you very much.
10,2: Yuck for me, but how are Goblin Fireslinger and Titanic Growth still here, I hate Goblin Fireslinger more.
11,2: Another Titanic Growth?  Ahh, but there is my Tormented Soul and Ponder I was hoping would come back. Very tight choice 9 creatures plus desire to always do turn one soul make me grab him.
12,2: Hate draft the Llanowar Elves, no need to help speed up green.
12,2: Hate draft the healing Dragon's Claw over Flight.
14,2: Fog? Seriously? ok, I will take it instead of Land.
15,2: Swamp, MTG gods are telling me Black was right choice

1st pick, 3rd pack: Oh my, finally a decent pack for first pick, but Phantasmal Dragon very tempting as is Swiftfoot Boots, but Onyx Mage can help me overcome my monster's weenieness.
2,3: Remember when I grabbed the U/W dual to give white splash an option, now it makes Oblivion Ring an option, but Cancel is there... Counterspell #3.
3,3: Gravedigger, makes more recurssion for Colossus, but Divination and Negate also options, give me the Gravedigger though.
4,3: THANK YOU planning ahead, I have recursion so Buried Ruin not as important, but Pacifism is nice, splash of white works
5,3: Mana Leak will work more than Flashfreeze, counterspell #4
6,3: Divination helps control more than Brink because while I control you I have to draw something to play too.
7,3: Hideous Visage is probably best card for me here, but not likely main board material. Taste of Blood useful only for bloodthirst. HV it is.
8,3: Amphin Cutthroat better than Jace's Erasure, gives me another creature option.
9,3: Another Hideous Visage won't help me most likely and I don't have enough Bloodthirst for Taste of Blood, so grabbing Merfolk Mesmerist.
10,3: Disentomb, another recall for my Colossus.  Yes he will be my biggest "threat".
11,3: Negate and Turn to Frog, Tough call because I know they will get some creatures through eventually, but Negate can be cheap kill to boosts/removal, going with counterspell #5
12,3: 2 cards for 1 2/2, no thanks, but another way to bring back my colossus, sure why not.  Buried Ruin.
13,3: 2/1 or firebreathing... grabing 2/1 Elite Vanguard
14,3: Merfolk Mesmerist, at least it might be playable for last non-land card in draft.
15,3: Mountain, hmm, should I have gone B/W or B/R instead of B/U control?

Oh well, really light on creatures, but didn't see much really great in U or B for beef, thank goodness for recursion though, Onyx Mage will allow me to take down creatures with deathtouch and Colossus will run over things and come back again and again.  Control to shut you down while I drain you to a slow and agonizing death... just like black and blue loves to do.

6 removal type spells (1 removes by taking it for myself!)
5 counter spells
2 utilities with draw
2 recursions

So while I might lack in creatures, I make up in answers to creatures.

Creatures: (9)
2xTormented Soul
2xDuskhunter Bat
1xOnyx Mage
1xVampire Outcasts
1xCrumbling Colossus
1xAether Adept
1xAmphin Cutthroat

Spells: (14)
1xDoom Blade
1xConsume Spirit
1xIce Cage
1xMind Control
2xMana Leak

Land: (17)
1xGlacial Fortress
1xBuried Ruin

Totals by cost
1: 4
2: 9
3: 4
4: 4
5: 2

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