[ENnies] And the host of the 2012 ENnie Awards will be...

I am proud to announce that Tom Lommel aka the "Dungeon Bastard" aka "Doug Douglason" will be the host of the 2012 ENnie Awards! My thanks goes out to Tom for agreeing to be our host. More details regarding the ceremony will be forthcoming throughout the year so stay tuned!

Tom Lommel's first RPG victory occurred in junior high when his 1st level barbarian killed a giant centipede in the Keep on the Borderlands. His first RPG disappointment occurred three minutes later when he found out a "giant" centipede is only eighteen inches long. Despite this, he's been a devoted fan of role-playing games ever since. In addition to juggling roles as player and DM, Tom has also served as a playtester and community moderator for Monte Cook's Malhavoc Press imprint. Tom attended GEN CON 18 in Milwaukee -- and hasn't missed a year since. For the past eight years he's rallied and dispatched teams for NASCRAG, the oldest continuous RPG tournament at the con. Tom lives and works in Los Angeles. Savvy gamers may recognize him as Doug Douglason from the viral hit Fear of Girls. Tom also writes and stars in his own web series The Dungeon Bastard where his alter ego Bill Cavalier preaches "better living through better gaming."

You can view the Dungeon Bastard's videos on his website, dungeonbastard.com, and can view many great RPG/Fantasy/Sci-Fi series produced by Epic Level TV at epicleveltv.com.