01/06/2012 LD: "Latest Look at History"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Latest Developments, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Broken formats aren't fun formats—but fair formats aren't necessarily fun formats, either. It's a necessary rather than a sufficient condition.

Wow, that's a great insight. Kudos! 

"Ah, the age-old conundrum. Defenders of a game are too blind to see it's broken, and critics are too idiotic to see that it isn't." - Brian McCormick

The comments on the type of articles Aaron is good at writing made me laugh since we just had one of those yesterday. 

Anyway, to answer the question (you didn't mention the forum thread, but I'm going with it) I enjoy all of the types of development articles. Of them I'd say my favorite is the evolution of mechanics since it gives a lot of info and can also show how the needs of the set change. 
The reason I particularly like Latest Developments is that it provides behind-the-scenes content from Wizards that nobody else could provide. So I like Multiverse articles and evolution-of-mechanics articles. I also like discussions of how you (try to) ensure balance between different colours, strategies, etc.
Some topics I would be interested in:

1. Decks and combos Development was sure were going to be strong, but that were never discovered by players.
2. Stories about cards and mechanics that were submitted to Development horribly broken, and how they were fixed.
3. Explanations of Development rules of thumb: when you receive a card, how do you determine the proper mana cost, activation cost, and power/toughnesss?
Good thought, alextfish.  I especially enjoy the Multiverse articles.
Another +1 to Multiverse articles.
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I've no idea why I'm here, I've no idea why I'm reading this tonight, but Zac, you made me cry.

Jesus christ, ten years. And who knows, if I'd have been better at being better, I might just have been one of the guys in that list. The things I'd thought were impossible, the ideas I'd imagined would never have taken root, the paradigms that I'd not have considered shifting, they've all done it, they've all moved around and Just Some Guys posting on websites somewhere that doesn't seem to matter much have stepped up to the plate and advanced the game, the creative process, and the art and culture of our society in this way.

It's very humbling.

I'm proud of you guys, but I'm also too proud to sign on to twitter, so chances are this'll never be read or anything, but still. This is the place for these words.
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