01/06/2012 TWTW: "New Year is Now Here"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

At GP Austin and beyond, please keep the camera on the board, not on extraneous minutiae like the players' faces, while the game is in progress.  When someone is playing a card and the camera cuts to his face - that's when I close the window and quit viewing.  You can show the other stuff and make their moms happy while they are sideboarding or shuffling up.  This is the way WotC's premier tournament competitors have been doing things for a year or more.
"I am always excited for a Grand Prix, but I am especially stoked for Austin—in part for the changes made over the break, but mostly due to it being the first GP that will have officially sanctioned video coverage."

Where is the link to the coverage? 
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