Best Paragon Paths for a Druid Charger?

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In one of my campaigns, I use an Elf Predator Druid.  I use her as a single target controller by mostly using charge attacks while in Beast Form.  We are about to level to Paragon Tier so I wanted to know what would be the best Paragon Path to take for a Druid Charger?
The 3 main "striker" PPs for Druids are Blightbeast, Blood Moon Stalker, and Coiled Serpent (with Primal Summoner and Pack Lord getting honorable mention if you'd like to invest heavily in your summons to augment your damage).  Assuming you're not focusing on summons, and considering that you're not a Guardian so Blightbeast is out, you're left with a choice between BMS and CS.

I would lean toward Blood Moon Stalker, personally.  Coiled Serpent is nice because it gives you a static damage bonus (2D6) onto your beast form attacks at level 16, but its earlier features are not that great.  BMS, OTOH, may not come with a damage boost but it does increase your nova capacity, in addition to being more front-loaded.  A free MBA on an AP is excellent for a charger (charge, AP to smack him again, possibly with the path's striker daily, then yet again with your free attack), the utility gives you 2 rounds of re-rolls (great nova set-up), and at 16 you get 19-20 crit range in beast form (unpredictable nova, but the utility and Elven Accuracy can both make this trigger more frequently).  I also really like the durability feature at level 11 (free action second wind when you kill something). 

Given that a striker Druid's biggest shortcoming is nova potential, I really like how this PP patches that.