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hey all,
some of you may know the frost cheese combo of those two feats.. gaining CA in every turn against a single foe without any known requirements besides the keyword COLD! and ofcourse with a magic frost weapon!
well, i noticed tthat both feats says "power" in the terms of use cold. i dont recall any rogue powers that have the cold keyword!. so my question is the frost weapon applies the cold dmg to the attack and so the cold keyword ? and its becouse of the weapon you add the effect on ALL attacks, basics and powers?
in other words, is this feat combo for real??

With a Frost Weapon, you can turn all of your attacks into cold damage, and they will gain the cold keyword as well (and generally lose any other damage type keywords). 
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is this feat combo for real?

Yes. Rogue attacks (aka 'powers') gain cold from the frost weapon.

More generally, the rule on damage types is that any attack that deals damage of X type gains the X keyword.

With an elemental weapon (like a frost weapon, for example), to figure out the keywords of the final attack, you go through these two steps.

Step 1:  Remove the keyword for any damage type that you are no longer dealing.  (Exception:  If it has the Poison keyword, only remove it if you are no longer dealing Poison damage and have no nondamaging effect.  If a power does 1[W] poison damage + weaken, and you replace the poison damage with frost damage, you still have the Poison keyword.  However, if that was Fire damage + weaken, you would lose the Fire keyword.)

Step 2:  Add the keyword(s) for the damage type or types you added.  (In this case, the Cold keyword).
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and the vulnerabilty 5 of lasting frost feat applies to all attacks after mine? from other combatans too? or just my attacks? ex. from wizard's cold powers, or others melees that have frost weapons?
It is to any cold damage (not just attacks; ongoing cold damage, for instance, also triggers it, as would an environmental hazard or zone dealing cold damage) the creature sustains before the end of your next turn, regardless of source.  So yes, the Wizard's Cold attacks would trigger it, as would the rest of the party's Frost Weapons.
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