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NOTE:  These designs are quite old now and really need another pass to polish them up.  If I get time before the Monster Builder goes away I will revise them at some point.  Anyway, I still think these are better (more challenging) than the official versions.  For an idea about how I would improve the demon lords you can look at my update gods:   http://community.wizards.com/content/forum-topic/3331206 

Epic Solo Updates

I decided to renew my DDI subscription for the new year and to celebrate I wanted to update all of the old (pre MM3/MV) iconic Epic solos that have been stated so far.  The goals of this project are to bring the old Epic solos in line with the new design guidelines and standards for Epic solos, basically:

  1. Update Hit Points
  2. Update defense/ attack bonus
  3. Update damage expressions
  4. Update # of attacks/ turns
  5. Provide a method to combat conditions and effects
  6. Increase damage when bloodied.

I started with the stat block in the adventure tools and made the modifications I felt were necessary to achieve the goals above.  I tried to minimize my changes to the original designs, but some needed more modifications than others.

One thing I did (since the Adventure tools allowed it) that I am not sure works RAW is that I added "weapon" and "arcane" damage resistances to brutes.  The intent was to allow solo brutes to take more damage since they don't get extra hit points like standard and elite brutes ( a damage reduction vs. extra hit points).  I was hoping by adding these lines all powers with the weapon or aracne keywords would have their damage reduce.  I don't think these are technically damage types, but the adventures had it as an option in the resistance field so I went with it.  If you don't like the idea I would suggest adding more hit points to the brutes and remove the resistances. 

So, in order of increasing level here are the Demon Lords (Gods or Primordials to follow):



I gave the Prince of Gnolls another turn of actions to help create that Skirmisher feel.




I gave Baphomet a resistance to “weapon” damage to help make up for the fact that solo brutes do not get additional hit points like standard and elite brutes.  I also gave him the charge attack to help deal with ranged attackers



Technically this shouldn’t have been modified, but the HP was calculated wrong, so I corrected that and made a few quick tweaks.



I increased Dagon’s size and made it a skirmisher, but lurker may have been better.  I chose skirmisher based of the description in the 3e Fiendish Codex.  I also added 2 off turn actions to help make it a dynamic threat.



I increased Graz’zt’s size to match the 3e days and level to compensate for the level changes I did for Orcus and Demogorgon.  I also gave him two turns w/ 2 actions each.



I started with Orcus empowered version form E3.  I reduced Orcus’ size to be more in line with older versions (15’ tall in 1e) and gave it an off turn attack.  .  I also added a minor and trigger action to increase the attack possibilities.  I also gave Orcus a resistance to “weapon” and “arcane” damage to help make up for the fact that solo Brutes don’t get extra hit points.




I increased its level to 36 to give it a clear bump above Orcus, which has been typical, and to make it a true end of campaign threat.  I also revised the tentacle and tail attacks to reflect older versions more clearly. 

Edit:  Updated Dual Aspect of Demogorgon to include a miss entry.


Well, I will need to re-post the images after the forum change.  Maybe this weekend.  I also need to go back and update all these demon lords to reflect my new ideas about hit points and damage (see the Gods Project for more information:  http://community.wizards.com/content/forum-topic/3331206 ) and the most current 4e errata.

Didn't feel like working so I re-posted the Demon Lords

Also, does anyone know how to move a thread?  I think this should go under "Homebrew Campaigns."

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