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Hello =)

I have recently started playing D&D again and I am playing 3.5. I have written a character bio that I would like DM Feedback on. Player Feedback won't really help me. I have a couple of mature themes I wrote in and I would give it a rated "R" rating. The boards here have a PG guideline, I'm worried about crossing it. On that note, would any DMs be willing to give my Biography/Character a read via PM? I'm wanting to know whether you as a DM would consider it something that can be worked with?

I'm a female gamer, the DM already said if I am comfortable with the concepts its fine. I still though want to know if it is unworkable or too "mature" or even if you have some detail or idea that could improve the bio. I tried to be true to regions and factions as per 3.5 in the writing, I even dug stuff up from Volvo's guide!

Thanks in Advance!

You can send it to me for more specific advice, but here's my basic DM perspective - the details don't really matter too much.  A background serves two basic purposes: as a rp/motivation guideline for the player, and to provide adventure hooks for the DM.  All that's required for an adventure hook is a place and/or NPC.  As long as the background provides your character with some basic motivation and a hook or two, it should be fine.  Is the DM running a R-rated campaign?  If not, it's probably enough to say she was "scarred deeply" by an incident without having to go into the details of that incident, for example.
Fire away.
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Thanks to you both! I appreciate the kindness! =)
Thanks to you both! I appreciate the kindness! =)

Same here. Lay it on me?

To let you know I recently had a character who had some distinctly adult aspects involved but it was fine in the game.
I had a second female character who's first adventure I wrote up and she had some slightly adult themes in her. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story and found it interesting as I am a male gamer and don't often play female characters.
Thank you for reviewing the bio and giving me such great feedback. I became brave enough to pass the bio to the DM in question. He has approved the background, and his comments were that it was "dark" and "well written" and that he did "like it". He uses an Asus Tablet for DM'ing and sometimes will let the players look at the tablet. He made it a pont to make sure other players can't access that.

None of the other party members knows anything about her as they had only met her on the boat. I had a gaming session today actually. The one party member who plays a fighter/cleric nicknamed her "princess" and the other player IC'ly at one point told her to "look pretty". It's good to know that my RP of "fronts" with shallowness (like her cormyrian grace and airs ) are totally working on my fellow players.

Again, not sure if I would have had the courage to actually present the bio I did to a DM if not for the kind responses via PM. <3 to you Guys!
This has been a surprisingly interesting thread for me to read, considering that all the content being discussed is somewhereoverthere.

Maybe it's because I'm a guy playing a very different female character - a Disney Princess is literally the inspiration and prototype. About as "adult-themed" as the typical Disney Princess movie, but with charisma 20 at level 1 (and having to put an effort into NOT being a Disney Princess) she did and does attract every kind of attention including the decidedly wrong type from decidedly wrong characters - recently she fended off the amorous attentions of a gorilla. 
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